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CK7520 CNC lathe processing irregular steel castings

This week, the sales team of Shanghai ANTISHI successfully helped a German customer to solve the machining problem of its workpiece. The customer is from Germany and is a company that provides industrial services, including the procurement and design of spare parts and equipment for various i...... [Read More]

Steel Pipe Spiral Processing-ANTISHI CNC Lathe Machine CK6140

Recently, a person in charge of a metal processing and forging equipment company from Uzbekistan purchased a CNC lathe CK6140 in our company. The company has been operating since 1993. Today, the company offers a full range of equipment supply services from equipment selection to the commissi...... [Read More]

ANTISHICNC Double Spindle CNC Machine

A Bolivian customer came to Shanghai Antis. The customer is mainly engaged in the processing of non-ferrous metals (copper, bronze and brass), providing bars, valves, connectors and other products. Previously, the customer consulted our company to purchase a circular saw machine to cut brass r...... [Read More]

Copper Aluminum Circular Saw Machine

A Mexican customer came to Shanghai ANTISHICNC. The customer made fuses and wanted to buy a machine for cutting solid copper bars. The size of the copper bars was 1×6 inches. After receiving the customer’s enquiry, the sales team of Shanghai ANTISHI confirm its processing requireme...... [Read More]

Metal Band Saw Application – Brass Rod Sawing

The 330B PLC Controlled Fully Automatic Metal Cutting Band Saw from ANTISHI is a robust, modern-use shop saw for precise sawing of medium diameters. The 330B Band Saw, designed for straight cutting of larger workpieces made of steel, cast iron and other metals. The rigid double-column frame is...... [Read More]

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