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A Mexican customer came to Shanghai ANTISHICNC. The customer made fuses and wanted to buy a machine for cutting solid copper bars. The size of the copper bars was 1×6 inches. After receiving the customer’s enquiry, the sales team of Shanghai ANTISHI confirm its processing requirements with the customer in the first time, for make sure recommend the most suitable machine for customer, ANTISHI sales team also confirmed other relevant processing information with the customer.

Summary of problems confirmed by Shanghai ANTISHICNC team and customers:
Question 1: Regarding copper bars, is it alloy copper or red copper?
Answer: 99% copper and 1% copper alloy
Question 2: Do solid copper rods need to be cut in bundles?
Answer: No need to cut in bundles
Question 3: What is the length of the copper rod before cutting?
Answer: The length of the copper rod before cutting is 6 meters long
Question 4: Cut only one size solid copper rod or multiple size solid copper rods?
Answer: Need to cut solid copper rods of various sizes

The copper cutting sample provided by the customer is shown in the figure:

After confirming the relevant information with the customer, Shanghai ANTISHICNC sales team tailor-made a technical solution that suits the customer’s processing requirements. After review by the technical team, the technical solution and quotation of the copper and aluminum circular saw machine CA355CNC were provided to the customer. . The customer is very satisfied after receiving the technical solution and quotation.

The copper and aluminum circular sawing machine CA355CNC produced by Shanghai ANTISHICNC has the specification of saw blade ¢355* inner hole 25.4*100 teeth*3.2 thickness, which can ensure the cutting of copper bars of 25.4*150mm, supports multi-branch cutting of small tubes, and can process For soft metals such as copper and aluminum, the cutting material specification range can meet the requirements of 5-102mm for round tubes and 10*10-80*80mm for solid square tubes. The length of the raw material is not limited when cutting a single piece, and when cutting multiple pieces, the length of the raw material is not limited, but the length of the material must be unified; the length of the sawing workpiece is 10mm-1000mm, the effective length of a single feeding, and the automatic servo feeding is over 1 meter. Multiple deliveries.

At the same time, Shanghai ANTISHICNC copper and aluminum circular sawing machine CA355CNC has optimized the sawing of the head and tail material: the raw material is cut to a fixed length, and the length is uniform. There is no obvious burr at the end of the pipe, and the cutting length of the head and tail material can be as short as 80mm + 1 work piece length + 2.5mm slit width (saw blade is selected according to the pipe material). When cutting work pieces ≥ 180,can be achieved no tailings .

Product details:

At the same time, the copper and aluminum circular sawing machine CA355CNC produced by Shanghai ANTISHICNC has the following advantages:

1. Structural advantages:
The copper and aluminum circular saw machine CA355CNC is made of high-quality steel welding, high temperature tempering, gantry milling, and surface spraying. Manually place the pipe fittings, align, clamp, cut, and feed, the equipment runs automatically, and stops after cutting.

2. Power head advantages:
The power head adopts a two-speed motor to drive the main shaft to rotate, the vertical slide way cuts, and the oil cylinder + linear guide drives the power head to feed, which can achieve rapid feed and automatically decelerate at the knife entry point. A saw blade is installed on the spindle, and the corresponding speed is selected according to the material of the cutting material. Copper material, use slow speed. Aluminum material, use high speed. There is a variable speed switch on the pin cutting motor, which is convenient for speed regulation.

3. Advantages of clamping mechanism:
The bed is provided with a set of upper and lower clamping mechanisms on the left, middle and right to clamp the material hydraulically, and the clamps are equipped with detachable clamps. They are feeding clamping, cutting clamping and pulling clamping. The clamping force is set on the touch screen, and all materials use the same set of clamps, and do not need to be replaced.

4. Advantages of feeding mechanism
The feeding device is composed of servo motor + linear guide + ball screw, conveying movement components, etc., and reciprocates the feeding of materials, and the feeding length is set on the touch screen. PLC automatically calculates the length of tailings.

5. Advantages of waste collection
After the product is processed, the discharge port is docked with the vibrating screen machine of Party A, and enters the material box without leakage of cutting fluid. Copper pins or aluminum pins are discharged into the waste bin through a screw-type pin dis-charger.

6. Advantages of electronic control system:
The electronic control system is composed of PLC, control panel, servo motor driver and electrical box. It controls and coordinates the fast, stable and safe work of each mechanism, and counts the number of processed pieces. It has functions such as emergency stop, manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic. The equipment is equipped with an emergency stop button in the form of a red mushroom head button. Cutting length, working pressure, movement speed, output, etc. of each cylinder are set on the touch screen. The processing count is displayed on the touch screen. Whether to pull out the tail material, there is PLC automatic operation.

7. Advantages of hydraulic system:
Using servo hydraulic motor, the pressure and running speed of each oil cylinder can be individually controlled, saving energy and electricity, without worrying about oil temperature rise

8. Advantages of whole machine protection
The whole machine is fully enclosed to ensure that water, copper and aluminum pins do not fly out.

As a leading manufacturer of industrial lathe machinery and machine tools in China, Shanghai Antis has 20 years of experience in machine tool production. The Shanghai Antis sales team adheres to the principle of being responsible to customers and will always provide customers with the best solution.


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