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Metal Band Saw Application – Brass Rod Sawing

The 330B PLC Controlled Fully Automatic Metal Cutting Band Saw from ANTISHI is a robust, modern-use shop saw for precise sawing of medium diameters. The 330B Band Saw, designed for straight cutting of larger workpieces made of steel, cast iron and other metals. The rigid double-column frame is very stable, and the main drive is via a low-maintenance V-belt. Workholding and saw carriage travel are hydraulically driven.

1.Metal band sawing machine customer needs
Recently, ANTISHI company came to a letter from a Bolivian customer, the content is as follows:

Dear ANTS team:

I represent the company from Bolivia .We are manufacturers of brass gas valves.

Our process currently uses a manual bar cutter. We need to cut the following material:

Brass bars B124 c37700 (Cu 60%, Zn 38%, Pb 2%)

Billet 1: 25.4mm diameter

Billet 2: 30mm diameter

Each Bar is 6 meters long.

The requirement is 40,000 units per month of each measure, it means, 80,000 cuts per month in an 8-hour shift, 25 days a month.

We are looking for a fully automatic cutting system.

Waiting for your answer

Best regards

2. Analysis of metal band sawing machine meeting to confirm the plan

After receiving the letter from the customer, we analyzed the customer’s needs for the first time, and determined the customer’s material size, sawing method, usage scenarios and conditions. After layers of screening, we finally determined the plan:

①.First of all, understand that the material that the customer needs to saw is a brass rod with a maximum diameter of 30mm, and each brass rod is about six meters long.

②. Customers have requirements on the processing efficiency of the machine, and need to saw 6-7 times per minute.

③. From the video sent by the customer, I learned that the machine used by the customer before needs a manual auxiliary operation.

④. The machine is simple to operate, focusing on efficiency, and only one machine is needed.

3. 330B automatic horizontal band sawing machine advantages

After understanding these needs, we determined the most suitable machine-330B automatic horizontal band sawing machine after careful and careful discussions:

①.First of all, the 330B is a fully automatic band sawing machine, all operation switches are clearly grouped on the touch screen and control panel. The main feature of this machine is fully automatic control. Using PLC touch screen panel, adjustable saw frame feed, stepless adjustment of saw blade speed, hydraulic processing, no need for labor, so we permanently save labor costs for customers.

②. The maximum cutting diameter of 330B is 330w × 330h, which is completely suitable for the maximum size of the customer’s sawing metal track. And under the premise of ensuring the accuracy of 0.05mm, it can be bundled and cut, and 10-11 brass rods can be sawn at a time. It can saw 40-44 segments per minute, and 480,000-528,000 segments of brass can be cut every month, which greatly increases the production efficiency.

③.330B includes belt break control, which ensures work safety, hydraulic tension saw blade also ensures the stability of saw blade, prolongs the service life of saw blade, frequency converter controls the speed of saw line, and automatic chip conveyor (removing chips) improves all aspects. Customer productivity and labor savings.

④. This equipment complies with national industry standards such as JBT4318.2-2013 Horizontal Band Saw Machine, “Accuracy”, “Technical Conditions” and GB 16454-2008 “Technical Requirements for Sawing Machine Safety Protection”. All units of measurement used in this device conform to SI International Standards.

In the end, we reached an agreement with our Bolivian client to cooperate. Shanghai ANTISHI company mainly deals in metal band sawing machine, intelligent band sawing machine, sawing machine saw blade, metal saw cutting and other equipment. More than 300 professional after-sales service personnel in 83 offices across the country provide customers with pre-sales and after-sales services at any time. Products are trusted by customers, welcome to consult.

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