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The construction principle of circular sawing machine

The vertical slide of the circular sawing machine advances and retracts the knife up and down, with stable feed, long tool life and high cutting accuracy. Multi-group gear transmission is suitable for heavy cutting with stable accuracy. The feeding system is carefully designed, and the feeding length is set to 6-700m/m (three feedings are possible). The structure is sturdy and can maintain the reliability of action. Unique main clamp design, strong and firm clamping force. The slideway is automatically lubricated with oil. The machine has a long life. Use PLC controller, no contacts, no faults, easy maintenance. The cold cutting fluid is automatically circulated to ensure a smooth working surface. The control buttons are centralized and easy to operate. Configure automatic sawing and counting function. Automatic shutdown without material. Concentrated processing of sawdust is convenient and clean.

According to the feed direction of the circular saw blade. There are 3 kinds of horizontal (horizontal feed), vertical (vertical feed) and pendulum (feed around a pivot point).

1.An overview of the main mechanical structure of the machine tool

Metal circular sawing machines are divided into horizontal type (horizontal feed), vertical type (vertical feed) and pendulum type (swinging feed around a point), which depends on the requirement of cutting the workpiece, most of the market is horizontal , The other is relatively much less.
Mainly composed of machine bed, power head, feed system, clamping device, automatic feeding, material frame, material shifting mechanism, material distributing device, hydraulic system, electrical system, spray cooling system, automatic lubrication system, chip removal device , Air purification combination device, saw blade cleaning device and other parts; at the same time, it must also comply with JB/T3364.2-3-1999 circular sawing machine “Accuracy” “Technical conditions” JB/T3866.2-1999 “Circular sawing machine spindle end connection size “JBI6454-1996 “Technical Requirements for Safety Protection of Sawing Machines” and other national industry standards.

2. Introduction to some functions

1. The main function of the circular sawing machine is the cutting and processing of metal materials, which can realize fully automatic unmanned operation. One worker can manage five devices at the same time, reducing personnel expenses for the enterprise;

2. Equipped with functions such as automatic counting, automatic stop, etc., it is convenient for enterprises to quickly and accurately record the sawing situation of the workpiece. There are two kinds of material sawing, you can set the parameters, the equipment will automatically use the second type of sawing parameters to work after the first type of sawing is finished).

3. A piece of material needs several different cutting sizes. The circular sawing machine can automatically rotate the parameters to cut off. For example, a metal bar needs to be cut into 5 sections. Each section has a different length. After the data can be set, the equipment will completely follow The parameters are used for sawing, and there is no need to reset every time a section is cut.

3. Features and advantages

The main features and advantages of circular sawing machine are embodied in fast cutting speed, high precision, cost saving, convenient operation, high efficiency, etc. The specific ones can be experienced in actual application operation.

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