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Cylindrical Grinder Grinding Machine Price

Cylindrical Grinder Grinding Machine Price

Introduction of Cylindrical Grinder Grinding Machine

The machine is designed and manufactured for grinding cylindrical or conical external surfaces with accuracy of IT5 and IT6.

The longitudinal travel of worktable is controlled steplessly by hydraulic system, and also by hand wheel. The rapid approach and withdrawal of wheel head is hydraulic controlled, infeed is carried out by hydraulic and handwheel.

Specification(mm) Packing size (mm) Net weight(kg) Gross weight(kg)
500×1500 5650 2400 2120 8000 9500
500×2000 5650 2400 2120 9000 10500
500×3000 7500 2400 2110 11000 13000

ing dia

With steady rest mm Max 200
mm Min 30
Without steady rest mm Max 500
mm Min 30
Max. workpiece weight kg 1000
Center high mm 270
Distance between centers mm 1500 ( ME1350×1500 )
mm 2000 ( ME1350×2000 )
mm 3000 ( ME1350×3000 )
Max. longitudinal travel of worktable mm 1600 ( ME1350×1500 )
mm 2090 ( ME1350×2000 )
mm 3090 ( ME1350×3000 )
wheelstock Wheel speed m/s 35
Spindle speed r/min 892
Rapid approach/withdrawal mm 100
Max. movement mm 410
Grinding wheel Max mm 750×75×305
Min mm 535×75×305
Workstock center Morse M6
Tailstock center Morse M6
Motor of wheelstock KW 15
Total power of motors KW 19.85
Movement of sleeve of tailstock 70 Min.manual 0.0025
Auto-periodic feed Yes Wheel dressing and compensation Manual
Roundness mm 0.0025
Uniformity of diameter in longitudinal section mm 0.008
Roughness μm Ra0.2

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