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Brief Analysis of the Working Principle of Bench Drill

Speaking of benchtop drilling machines, I believe everyone is familiar with them. The benchtop drilling machine is a kind of small drilling machine, which we refer to as bench drilling machines here. Bench drills have a wide range of applications and can be applied to metals and other materials. Bench drilling machines can perform reaming, drilling and reaming of workpieces. So, what is the working principle of bench drill? Let’s take a look at it together:

The motor uses a five-stage variable speed pulley, so that the spindle has five speeds that can be adjusted back and forth. The headstock can move up and down above the circular column, and can rotate 360 ​​degrees around the center of the circular column to process the workpiece. After adjusting to the proper position, lock it with the handle. If the head frame needs to be lowered, first adjust the safety ring to the proper position. Use a set screw to lock it, then loosen the handle, fall to the safe environment by the head frame’s own weight, and then tighten the handle plate. The worktable can be moved up and down on the round column. It can also be rotated 360 degrees to a suitable position. The locking handle of the workbench seat, when the locking screw is loosened, the workbench can be tilted 45 degrees left and right on the vertical plane. When the work is small, it can be placed on the workbench for drilling. When the work is large, the workbench can be placed on the workbench. Turn it away and place it directly on the bottom of the drill press to drill.

This desktop drilling machine has great flexibility, high speed, high production efficiency and easy to use, so it is one of the commonly used equipment in parts processing, assembly and repair work. However, due to the simple structure, the speed change part directly uses the pulley to change the speed, and the speed is high, generally above 400r/min, so it is not suitable for some special materials or processes that require low speed processing.

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