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CH-1200 Horizontal Band Sawing Machine

CH-1200 horizontal band sawing machine adopts double-column gantry structure, linear guide guide and roller feeding method. Its technical personnel scientific design and reasonable structure not only make the sawing process stable and reliable, but also greatly improve the sawing efficiency and efficiency of the sawing machine. The sawing precision is the ideal equipment used by various enterprise users for batch cutting, so it is favored by customers.

CH-1200 gantry horizontal semi-automatic band sawing machine, its appearance adopts a new appearance design, beautiful and large
In addition, the sawing machine adopts double-sided precision guide rails to assist the lifting and lowering, and all actions are controlled by buttons, which makes the equipment lifting and lowering with small error, high precision, and safety and reliability. More stable and more convenient to operate.

In addition, this horizontal band sawing machine is mainly used for batch sawing of mid-bottom carbon steel such as small and medium-sized pipes, bars, and profiles. , and the speed of the driving wheel of the sawing machine is adjusted by the frequency converter, and various speeds can be obtained to meet the sawing needs of different materials. Therefore, the test machine of the band sawing machine is very satisfactory to customers.

The main drive of CH-1200 horizontal band sawing machine adopts a worm gear gearbox. The linear speed of the saw blade can be changed by adjusting the belt pulley, which is safe and convenient. The feed speed of the saw frame can be adjusted through hydraulic stepless speed regulation to meet the requirements of cutting different materials. And the workpiece clamping adopts hydraulic clamping, which effectively increases the safety of the work, so that the customer can finally obtain the ideal sawing effect.

In addition, the design of CH-1200 gantry horizontal semi-automatic band sawing machine is continuously improved and improved by the company’s technical staff on the basis of the original. It not only retains various sawing advantages of the original sawing machine, but also greatly improves the sawing performance of the sawing machine. and level, etc., making the new band saw more stable and reliable when sawing, more advanced sawing technology, and better sawing effect.

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