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CNC machining process

Nowadays, the logo that can reflect the development trend of CNC lathes in the world is the development trend of various CNC machine tools. This type of machine integrates microelectronics technology, computer technology, fully automatic control technology, servo drive technology, and precision machinery technology. The equipment can be more beneficial to the upgrading of products and has vital functions. Adequate maintenance and maintenance of CNC machine tools can keep the machining accuracy in good condition, thereby increasing the service life. Do you know how to distinguish between CNC machining processes? Let’s introduce it next:

1.The tool aggregation and sequencing method is to divide the processes according to the commonly used tools, and use the same tool to process all the positions that can be completed on the part. Use the second knife and the third knife to complete other positions they can complete. In this way, the number of tool changes can be reduced, the idle time can be compressed, and the redundant positioning deviation can be reduced.

2.According to the processing position sorting method, for parts with many processing contents, the processing part can be divided into several parts according to its structural characteristics, such as inner shape, shape, curved surface or plane. Usually the plane and the positioning surface are processed first, and then the hole is processed; the simple geometric shape is processed first, and then the complicated geometric shape is processed; the position with lower precision is processed first, and the position with higher precision is processed first.

3. Use the roughing and finishing ordering method for parts that are prone to deformation. Because of the deformation that may occur after roughing, it needs to be corrected. Therefore, under normal circumstances, all roughing and finishing processes need to be separated. . In general, when distinguishing processes, we must flexibly grasp the structure and manufacturability of parts, the functions of CNC lathes, the number of parts CNC machining content, the number of installations and the production organization of the unit. It is also proposed that the selection criteria for process aggregation or the selection of process dispersion criteria should be clarified based on specific circumstances, but must strive to be effective.

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