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High precision CNC centerless grinder has high production efficiency

Centerless grinder has high productivity and is easy to realize automation after adding various loading and unloading devices. It is mostly used in mass production and can be operated by unskilled workers. The grinding accuracy of centerless grinder is generally: roundness of 2 microns, dimensional accuracy of 4 microns, and high-precision centerless grinder can reach 0.5 microns and 2 microns respectively.

Centerless grinder is suitable for through grinding of various cylindrical parts and ring parts, as well as cutting in grinding of cone parts. So, in daily life, how should we pay attention to the maintenance of centerless grinder? Here, hotman Xiaobian explains.

1. Maintenance of centerless grinder surface: the surface of centerless grinder, motor and heat dissipation equipment must be kept clean, and the polishing consumables powder must be cleaned regularly.

2. Check and tighten the handle, feed handwheel, screw, nut and other mechanical parts. Keep the machine in good condition.

3. Inspection of centerless grinder: check the tightness of screws, belts and loose parts of centerless grinder until they are adjusted properly.

4. Check the wear degree of each bearing, replace it if damaged, and check whether the lubricating oil is sufficient.

5. The guide rail shall be cleaned and there shall be no polishing consumables powder on the guide rail.

6. Electrical appliances: regularly clean the motor and electrical box. Electrical devices shall be fixed neatly and act reliably.

7. Check and fasten the neutral connection device. Check the button switch. If there is any problem, replace it immediately to avoid unnecessary danger.

Centerless grinder not only brings convenience to production, but also needs attention to maintenance. Regular inspection and maintenance can reduce the frequency of machine failure and stabilize production efficiency. Therefore, it is very important to have the maintenance knowledge of centerless grinder in daily production!

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