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CNC follow-up crankshaft grinder Introduction


Grinding machine introduction
The CNC crankshaft grinder is a grinder that is programmed in advance according to the processing requirements, and the control system sends out numerical information instructions to process the crank neck, main shaft neck, connecting rod neck and thrust surface of the crankshaft. It can also be used for general cylindrical grinding. The operation is simple, the machining accuracy is high, and it is suitable for batch machining of crankshaft parts.

The MK8220/SD CNC follow-up crankshaft grinder is the product of the special project of “CNC crankshaft grinder and camshaft grinder for automobile engine production line”. This machine tool has been successfully produced in parallel with foreign machine tools at the SAIC General Motors plant. The machine tool is configured for crankshaft grinding in powertrain plants of passenger cars and trucks, and is suitable for crankshaft grinding of four-cylinder and six-cylinder engines in the engine crankshaft production line.

Performance structure of CNC crankshaft spindle diameter grinder:
The layout of the machine tool structure is reasonable, the overall protection, convenience of maintenance, meet the requirements of human engineering.
The grinding wheel spindle system has high rotation accuracy and strong rigidity; the linear speed of the CBN grinding wheel can reach 120m/s.
The worktable is fixed, and the double grinding wheel holder cross slide table is rearwardly moved to realize the feeding and movement of the grinding wheel holder (X1, X2, Z1, Z2 axis).
The feed of the grinding wheel carriage (X1, X2 axis) is directly driven by a linear servo motor, and a closed hydrostatic guide rail structure; the small setting unit is 0.1μm, and the high fast forward speed can reach 40m/min, which can meet the precision of connecting rod neck grinding movement. Requirements.
The movement of the grinding wheel carriage sliding table (Z1, Z2 axis) is driven by AC servo-ball screw pair.
The workpiece rotation axis (C1, C2 axis) adopts a high-precision rolling bearing spindle structure, and is equipped with an angle encoder to achieve closed-loop feedback control, achieving extremely high rotation accuracy and positioning accuracy.
It is equipped with imported advanced active measuring device to realize full closed-loop control of grinding processing.
Equipped with crankshaft connecting rod neck follow-up grinding software and user grinding interface software, it can realize high-precision follow-up grinding and online automatic compensation during a clamping process of crankshaft parts.

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