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Maintenance Tips and Precautions for Centerless Grinders

Centerless grinder is one of the important equipments widely used in cylindrical grinding in machining. The original feed is manual, that is, the handle is shaken manually. Poor accuracy and low efficiency. Today’s centerless grinder has high production efficiency, and it is easier to realize automatic processing after various loading and unloading devices. So what should you pay attention to when using a centerless grinder? This article will introduce them one by one.

Maintenance method of centerless grinder:

①The centerless grinder should be cleaned regularly during normal use to keep the appearance clean.

② Regularly clean the motor and electrical box, and the electrical devices should be neatly fixed.

③ Check the feeding handwheel, tightening handle, screws, nuts and other parts to ensure that the parts are in good condition.

④ Check the wear of the bearings of the centerless grinder and whether the lubricating oil is sufficient. If there is any damage, it should be replaced immediately.

⑤ Check the tightness of the screws and belts in all parts of the centerless grinder, and keep them tight.

⑥ Check all the button switches of the centerless grinder. If the switch fails, it should be replaced immediately.

⑦ Regularly clean the grinding waste in various parts of the grinding machine.

Notes for centerless grinders:

① Before starting the centerless grinder, check the surrounding conditions of the machine, and the workpieces on the machine should be neatly arranged; check whether the water level of the berth and cooling water tank is normal, and whether the gap between the grinding wheel, the guide wheel and the supporting blade is normal.

②Before the operation of the centerless grinder, add water and oil according to the operation rules of the grinder, and check whether the water traces, oil traces, and water and oil quantities are normal; whether the water and oil passages are unobstructed, keep the lubrication system clean, and prevent the water and oil tanks from being opened.

③ When processing the centerless grinder, be sure to check the consistency of the size of the workpiece. The grinding wheel abrasive suitable for the material requirements of the workpiece should be selected.

④ When processing the centerless grinder, it is required that the center of the support frame, the grinding wheel and the guide wheel should be in a straight line to avoid the bending of the material.

⑤ When it is necessary to stop the production operation of the workpiece, the grinding wheel and the guide wheel should be idling for about 5 minutes and then stop the water supply. Wait for the grinding wheel and the guide wheel to dry the water, so as to avoid the imbalance when the machine is used next time.

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