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General operation steps of CNC machine tools

1. Edit and input of part program
Before processing, you should first analyze and compile the processing technology and processing procedure of the workpiece, if the processing procedure of the workpiece is long or complicated. Do not program on the computer, but use a programming machine or computer to program, and then back up to the numerical control system of the numerical control machine through a floppy disk or communication interface. This can avoid occupying the machine and increase the auxiliary time for processing.

2. Boot up
Generally, the main power is turned on first, so that the CNC machine tool has the power-on conditions. Start a CNC system with a key button and the machine tool is powered on at the same time. Information is displayed on the CRT of the CNC machine tool system. The connection status of the clam shaft and other auxiliary equipment.

3. Solid reference point
Establish the movement datum of each coordinate of the machine tool before machining. This step should be performed first for the machine tool of the augmentation control system.

4. Input call of processing program
According to the program medium (tape, disk), it can be input by tape drive, programming machine or serial communication. If it is a simple program, it can be input directly on the CNC control panel with the keyboard, or input remote segment processing step by step in MDI mode. Before processing, it is necessary to input the original point, parameters, offset and various compensation values ​​in the adding program.

5. Editing of the program
If the included program needs to be modified, the working mode selection switch should be set to the editing position. Use the edit key to add, delete, and change.

6. Program inspection and debugging
Lock the machine tool first, and only run the system. This step is to check the program, if there is an error, you need to edit it again.

7. Workpiece installation and alignment
Install and align the lower parts to be processed and establish benchmarks. The method adopts manual incremental movement, continuous movement or handwheel to move the machine tool. Align the starting point to the beginning of the program, and set the tool benchmark.

8. Start the coordinate axis for continuous processing
Continuous processing generally uses the program in the memory to add dicing. The feed speed in CNC machine tool processing can be adjusted by the feedrate override switch. During processing, you can press the feed hold button to pause the feed movement to observe the processing conditions or perform manual measurement. Press the cycle start button again to resume processing, and to ensure that the program is correct, you should review it again before adding dicing. During milling, for flat curved parts, a pencil can be used instead of a tool to draw the contour of the workpiece on paper. This is more intuitive. If the system has a tool path, the simulation function can be used to check the correctness of the program.

9. Shut down
After adding and before turning off the power, pay attention to check the status of the CNC machine tool and the position of each part of the machine tool. Turn off the power of the machine tool first, then turn off the power of the system, and finally turn off the main power

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