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ANTS MACHINE metal circular sawing machine air purification configuration function

In order to absorb the oil mist generated during the sawing process, ensure the cleanliness of the working environment and the inside of the equipment, so as to improve the efficiency of the equipment and delay the service life, the air purification of the metal circular saw machine is also called the oil mist collector.

1. Introduction to the effectiveness of air purifiers:

During the sawing process, the metal circular saw will use cutting fluid to stop smoothing, cooling and other functions;

The equipment will produce a large amount of oil mist after the whole cutting process (cutting, collision, friction, etc.). If there is dust in the working environment, particles will also be generated. As the oil mist enters the inside of the equipment parts, if it is not discharged in time, it will It will cause instability of the metal circular saw equipment or reduce the service life.

Air purification can effectively absorb these oil mists, stop intercepting and filtering, concentrate in the container, and then stop the purification process, remove impurities, and filter again, so that the absorbed oil mist can be repurified into clean cutting fluid, and then circulated to Equipment, recycling, that is environmentally friendly and economical.

2. Effectiveness

1. If there is no purification configuration, after a period of use, a large amount of oil mist will be generated inside the metal circular saw to attach to the accessories, reducing the harmony between the accessories and causing equipment instability.

2. Air purification can effectively relieve the pressure of the equipment, and there is no incompatibility between the accessories due to greasy, and the application is more accurate.

3. Extend the service life of the equipment, just like people, insist on being clean every day and being sloppy every day. These two quality of life affect well-being.

4. To reduce costs, the cutting fluid should have air purification and can be recycled. In a sense, it saves a lot of unnecessary expenses and reduces a lot of consumption for enterprises.

Summary: Don’t ignore any accessories on the metal circular sawing machine. No matter how small the ration is, there will be great results. Reasonable use of equipment can reduce the burden on enterprise consumption. The ANTISHI brand high-speed circular sawing machine is of excellent quality, and the genuine products are worthy of your purchase. For details, please contact ANTISHI sales email


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