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CNC machine Tool Main Drive System

The characteristics of the main drive system of the CNC machine tool The main rotation system of the CNC milling machine is that system of the main motion station of the CNC milling machine.

The spindle movement of the CNC milling machine is one of the forming movements of the machine tool.

Her precision determines the machining accuracy of the parts. Features are as follows

1. Have the mentioned range and try the room and debug

In order to ensure that a reasonable amount of cutting can be selected for processing, the CNC milling machine must have a large range of speed regulation, so as to obtain the highest productivity and better machining accuracy and surface. The speed regulation range of the spindle system should be further expanded due to the requirements of processing materials

2. Has high precision and rigidity

The precision improvement of the CNC milling machine is closely related to the precision of the spindle system. In order to improve the manufacturing precision and rigidity of the rotating parts, the high-frequency induction heating process should be used for the wheel mask to increase the resistance. The last level of chip rotation makes the transmission smooth. High-precision bearings should be used to make the rotation stable, and high-precision pumping levels and reasonable working spans should be used to improve the rigidity of the spindle assembly.

3. Good shock resistance and thermal stability.

When the CNC milling machine is handed over to you, it may cause the impact force due to the uneven movement of the intermittent cutting process, the uneven movement of the internal balance, the unevenness of the parts during the cutting process, and the sub-town during the cutting process. The thick surface is serious and may even damage the parts in the tool and spindle system, which is why it cannot work. Therefore, the spindle assembly must have a higher natural frequency, better dynamic balance, and maintain a suitable fit gap for circulatory lubrication.

The automatic control of machine tools mainly includes the following four categories.

(1) Cam control, which transmits power while transmitting information. The cam control works reliably, but the cam manufacturing and replacement are labor-intensive and time-consuming, and are suitable for mass production.

(2) Block control planer. This kind of control is mainly used to transmit information, and control the electrical, hydraulic and other power parts with the help of limit switches. The block control structure is simple, and it is more convenient to change the working cycle than the cam control, but the working cycle it realizes is relatively simple, the positioning size is not very accurate, and the repeated positioning accuracy is poor. This control is suitable for simple control systems.

(3) Follow-up control. There are two types of follow-up control, one is direct follow-up, which transmits information and power at the same time. The other level is indirect follow-up, which only transmits information, and the power 111 is transmitted through the power amplifying part. The follow-up control can realize complex control, and it is difficult to change the 111 mold manufacturing button, which is generally used for mass production. Some parts, such as turbine blades, some molds, etc., have very complex surface shapes. Some of the contours of these parts are obtained by experiments and cannot be described by mathematical models, and some have original equations, but the mathematical description is very complex and difficult, or people want to imitate a complex part, in these cases, Shenyang Machine Tool Factory technicians think it is suitable for the application of follow-up control.

(4) Digital control. Digital control is used for information transmission, and power is transmitted through the power amplification part. It is a programmable automatic control that controls the machining process through numbers, letters and symbols. When the workpiece is changed, it is only necessary to change the program, so it has flexibility. Writing a new program is naturally much easier than changing production equipment, which is the inherent advantage of CNC. Its appearance has made automation enter the production of many varieties and small batches.

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