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Cylindrical Grinding Machine for Sale

Features of our universal cylindrical grinder:
When conical grinding, the worktable can be rotated to any side, and the scale can be used for precise positioning;
The oil film between the bearing and the main shaft keeps vibration to a minimum, thereby achieving excellent results and highest accuracy;
The precisely balanced spindle head and solid grinding head ensure extraordinary results in any type of operation;
The sturdy reinforcement of the machine base and the sturdy design panel make it resistant to temperature fluctuations and deformation;
The main shaft is installed from both sides and has an adjustable sliding bearing composed of three parts;
The hydrodynamic bearing of the main shaft, so there is no contact between the main shaft and the bearing;
The longitudinal table feed can be set to automatic mode-hydraulic drive or manual mode through the hand wheel;
Stepless feed adjustment, programmable hold time can be selected at the end of each worktable movement;
Hydraulic or manual repositioning of grinding spindle material;
The guide rails on the x-axis and y-axis are precisely constructed and manually polished;
The longitudinal table guide rail and the horizontal guide rail of the grinding headstock each have a V-shaped guide rail and a flat guide rail;

General capacity
Distance between centers mm 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000
Center height mm 180
Dia.Ground (O.D) mm 8-320
Dia.Ground (I.D) mm 30-100
Max.length ground (O.D) mm 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000
Max.length ground (I.D) mm 125
Max.weight of work piece kg 150
Swiveling angle / +90°
Center taper (MT) MT 4
Spindle speed r/min 50HZ:25-220  Stepless
Wheel spindle speed r/min 1670
Wheelhead rapid travel mm 50 mm 246
Swiveling angel / ±30°
Hand feed per.rev mm rough:2  fine:0.5
Hand feed per.gra mm rought:0.01   fine:0.0025
Wheel size (ODxWxID) mm 400x50x203
Periphearal velocity m/s 35
Internal grinding device
Spindle speed r/min 10000/15000
Dimension of wheel mm max:50x25x13, min:17x20x6
Hand feed per.rev mm 6
Max.swiveling angle of table Clockwise / 3°(1000, 1500), 2°(2000, 3000)
Anticlockwise / 7°(1000), 6°(1500), 5°(2000), 3°(3000)
Longitudinal speed range of table m/min 0.1-4
Center taper (MT) MT 4
Quil travel mm 30
Wheelhead motor power kw 5.5
Internal grinding kw 1.1
Workhead motor power kw 1.5
Gross weight kg 5.3(1000), 6.1(1500), 7.9(2000), 9.9(3000)
Packing dimension cm 322x200x205, 422x200x205, 540x200x205, 739x200x205

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