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CNC milling machine assembly method?

1. Installation of CNC milling machine:
The general CNC milling machine is a mechatronics design. From the factory to the user, it is shipped as a whole machine without disassembly and packaging. Therefore, after receiving the machine tool, the user only needs to follow the instructions in the manual. Pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Unpacking: After the machine is unpacked, first find the random technical file according to the packaging mark, and check the accessories, tools, spare parts, etc. according to the packing list in the technical file. If the actual item in the box does not match the packing list, you should contact the manufacturer in time. Then, read the instructions carefully and follow the instructions for installation.

2. Hoisting: According to the hoisting diagram in the manual, padded wooden blocks or thick cloth at appropriate positions to prevent the wire rope from scratching the paint and processing surface. In the lifting process, the center of gravity of the machine tool should be reduced as much as possible. If the electric tortoise of the CNC machine tool is separated, there is usually a hoisting ring on the top of the electric cabinet for hoisting.

3. Adjustment: For the CNC milling machine, the main machine is shipped as a whole machine, and it is adjusted before leaving the factory. The user should pay attention to the installation: adjustment of oil pressure, adjustment of automatic lubrication, and focus on checking whether the device for preventing vertical sliding of the lifting platform works Wait.

2. Commissioning and acceptance of CNC milling machines: For general CNC milling machines, the host is the complete machine for shipment, which has been adjusted before leaving the factory. But users still need to pay attention to the following points before use:

Commissioning of CNC milling machine:

1. Adjustment of oil pressure: Because hydraulic transmission, hydraulic tension and other mechanisms require proper pressure, after unpacking the machine, remove the oil seal for rust prevention, that is, fill the oil pool with oil, and start the oil pump to adjust the oil pressure. The pressure of 1-2Pa is enough.

2. Adjustment of automatic lubrication: Most CNC milling machines use automatic timing and quantitative lubrication stations to supply oil. Before driving, check whether the lubricating oil pump starts at the specified time. The adjustment of these times is generally carried out by the relay.
Focus on checking whether the device for preventing vertical sliding of the lifting platform works.
The inspection method is very simple. When the machine is energized, fix the table base on the bed, use the dial gauge probe to point to the work surface, and then power off the work table suddenly. Use the dial gauge to observe whether the work surface is sinking. 0.01-0.02mm is allowed, too much sliding will affect the consistency of batch processing parts. At this time, the self-locking device can be adjusted.

3. Acceptance of CNC milling machine: The acceptance of CNC milling machine is currently mainly based on professional standards promulgated by the country. There are two types: ZBJ54014-88 and ZBnJ54015-88. Before the machine tool leaves the factory, it has been inspected and qualified according to the above two standards in the manufacturing plant. The product qualification manual issued by the quality inspection department, the user can follow the items in the qualified manual, according to the actual inspection methods of the unit, random inspection or full re-inspection. Item accuracy, if there are unqualified items, negotiation can be made to the manufacturer. If the re-inspection data meets the requirements of the factory certificate, it can be recorded in the file for future reference.


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