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crankshaft grinder machine model and price

Products Features

MQ8260B & MQ8260B/6 crankshaft are simple in construction, easy in operation and wide in application; suitable for grinding crankshaft pins and journals. It can also be used as cylindrical grinder.

The machine is controlled by mechanical, electric and hydraulic means; operated mainly by hand.

Left right chucks are crisscross and adjustable Workpiece is held by centers or by chucks, driven by workhead motor, and feed by hand for grinding.

The worktable consists of upper and lower parts, and upper part having the inclined worktable-surface at 10°( only for MQ8260B/6)

Longitudinal worktable travel is realized by manual-drive or motor-drive, with the motor drive for jump displacement or adjustment.

The max. wheel, worktable, coolant pump and oil pump are driven by their individual motors.

Worktable and wheelhead have the hydraculic and electric interlocking mechanism, ensuring the safely even if misoperation whether in adjustment or in the process of grinding. The wheelhead is equipped with the reliable protective guard, the coolant guard and the bed ways guard is stainless steel. The wheel balancing stand adopt new static wheel balancing stand.

Main specifications
Max. work diameter × Max. length
Φ580×1600 mm
Φ580×1600 mm
Φ580×2000 mm
oblique angle table 10°
Flat worktable
Flat worktable
Max. swing over table
Φ580 m
Work diameter ground with steady rest
Φ30-100 mm
Grinding cylindrical diameter
Φ30-200 mm
Throw of crankshaft
110 mm
Max. work length ground in 3 jaw chuck
1300 mm
1300 mm
Max. work length ground between centers
1600 mm
1600 mm
Max. work weight
120 kg
Center height
300 mm
Work speed ( three steps )
25,50,100 r/min
Max. cross movement
200 mm
Wheelhead rapid approach & withdrawal
100 mm
Wheelhead feed per turn of cross feed handwheel
1 mm
Wheel feed per grad of cross feed handwheel
0.005 mm
Grinding wheel
Wheel spindle speed
760 rpm
Wheel size
Φ900×32×Φ305 mm / Φ900×22×Φ305 mm
Overall capacity of motor
9.45 kw
Overall dimensions (L×W×H)
4000×2100×1584 mm
Packing dimensions (L×W×H)
4350×2250×2000 mm
5000×2250×2000 mm
6700 kg
Working accuracy
Ovality new standard
Ra 0.32

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