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The development trend and prospect of CNC machine tool industry

The continuous application of machine tools in various fields has accelerated the development of various industries, and at the same time has brought great convenience to people’s lives and rapid development, and has brought benefits to enterprises. In the future, high-end CNC machine tools will have broad prospects in the domestic market.

In the CNC machine tool industry, informatization and networking are an inevitable trend and the basis of intelligence. In recent years, with the development of network technology and the development of sensor technology, machine tools are increasingly used in mass production, and their management, output, output value, scheduling, etc. can be linked to automation technology, which can be fully realized Full digitization, error control, data compensation, network diagnosis and other functions.

According to the market research center, the CNC machine tool industry is a high-tech industry. It is characterized by high technical requirements, fast product upgrades, high investment density, and strong product integration. Each functional component is crucial to the quality and performance of the whole machine. The product market has a small capacity and strong competitors. This puts high demands on the government’s support and coordination and effective and flexible business operations. The basic policy direction is to better integrate the three aspects of national policy orientation, industry structure improvement, and flexible and efficient corporate mechanisms.

Due to the complexity of the numerical control technology system, the numerical control system belongs to the high-tech electronic industry with both software and hardware research and development content. It requires large capital and technical strength, and it is by no means a family can support. Reckless investment will not be able to support it in the future, and it will easily cause undue loss of human and financial resources. Therefore, the government’s guidance is necessary. This is the case for the production, learning, and research of CNC system, and the same for functional components.

CNC machine tools are now necessary equipment for industrial manufacturing, and it is also one of the necessary equipment. At the same time as mechanical manufacturing, the purpose of using CNC machine tools is to greatly increase the scope of use, and to a certain extent, promote industrial production and improve Efficiency of work. Since the technology development of CNC machine tools in my country has reached a mature stage, various fields have begun to pay attention to CNC machine tools. At present, my country’s machine tool casting industry is in a period of rapid development, and the industry is changing from quantitative to qualitative. This period is also a period in which the machine tool casting industry has grown from large to strong and has more development significance.

At present, domestically produced CNC machine tools can be roughly divided into three types: economical machine tools, popular machine tools, and high-end machine tools. Economical machine tools are basically open-loop control; popular machine tools use semi-closed-loop control technology, with a resolution of 1 micron; high-end machine tools use closed-loop control, and at the same time have high precision, high speed, complex, and various compensation functions. New control function, automatic diagnosis, resolution can reach 0.1 micron, computer can replace human for programming.

According to the report on the development prospects of China’s CNC machine tool industry, it is understood that the economical CNC machine tools used in the country are basically domestic products. Domestic products can meet the needs of most machine tool users in terms of quality and reliability. About 60% to 70% of the popular domestic CNC machine tools are domestic products, but it should be pointed out that about 80% of these domestic CNC machine tools use foreign products. In terms of high-end machine tools, domestic products can only account for about 2%, and they are basically imported. In terms of market demand, low-end machine tools and mid-end machine tools account for about 50% and 40%, respectively, and the demand for high-end CNC machine tools is about 10%.

Industrial automation is the basis for the realization of “Industry 4.0”, and the most representative indicator of industrial automation is the popularity of robots. At present, there are only 21 units per 10,000 people in my country, which is a huge difference compared with developed countries such as Japan and South Korea. Compared with the global average of 55 units per 10,000 people, there is also a big gap. Therefore, accelerating the development of industrial automation is a top priority for my country’s processing and manufacturing industries.

The numerical control rate of machine tool output and output value in my country has increased from 11% and 27% in 2004 to 34.6% and 54.7% in 2013. At present, the average level of numerical control machine tool output in developed countries is above 65%, and the numerical control rate of output value At around 80%, there is still great potential for the development of CNC machine tools in my country. It is estimated that by 2021, the equipment rate of high-end CNC machine tools will reach 80%. At present, the number of medium and high-end CNC machine tools consumed in my country each year is about 50,000 to 60,000 sets, and the amount is about 6 billion yuan, of which imports account for about 85% of the total. In the future, my country’s CNC machine tool industry has great potential for development, and there is more room for import substitution.

In recent years, my country’s manufacturing and processing industry has developed by leaps and bounds. Supported by a huge demographic dividend, China became the world’s largest trading country in goods in 2013 and was awarded the title of “World Factory”. However, with the gradual disappearance of the demographic dividend, my country’s manufacturing and processing industry has also fallen into a transitional dilemma. At the same time, developed countries such as the United States and Germany have successively introduced various support and stimulus policies to develop their own manufacturing industries. It is urgent to seek reforms to maintain the advantages of my country’s manufacturing and processing industry in the future. At this time, the birth of the “Industry 4.0” concept pointed out the direction for China’s manufacturing and processing industry.

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