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CH-400 Band Sawing Machine Performance Characteristics and Differences in Use

The performance characteristics of double-column horizontal band sawing machine CH-400 are as follows:

1. Double-column double-cylinder structure and extra-long sliding sleeve (with self-lubricating bearings), form a stable sawing
The structure ensures the guiding accuracy, and the sawing is stable and reliable.

2. The double-guided carbide and rolling bearings of the saw band guide device have a reasonable design and effectively prolong the life of the saw band.

3. High-performance worm gear reducer, strong power, high reliability, precise balance correction, reduce noise and vibration.
4. The unique hydraulic system design, the descending speed is stable, this precision system can prevent the abnormal damage of the saw blade, and achieve the ideal sawing effect.

5. The large-stroke electric roller rack can be selected to quickly realize the movement and positioning of the workpiece, reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve work efficiency.

6. Optional cutting speed inverter control, automatic chip removal device.

At the same time, CH-400 has the structure of double clamp and double pressure and the structure with bed table. If the customer is a single aniseed, not a bundle of cutting, it is recommended to recommend this type of bed table. Only when it is cut in bundles, it is suitable to recommend double clamps and double pressures. The two structures of the bed are different. If it is a finished product, it cannot be changed. It can only be a new sawing machine.

Over the past 20 years since its establishment, ANTISHI Co., Ltd. has independently developed and produced a series of band sawing machines, vertical band sawing machines, horizontal band sawing machines, rotating angle band sawing machines, intelligent high-speed band sawing machines and non-standard. Customized band sawing machines, all with superb sawing The ability and good sawing effect meet the sawing needs of different customers.

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