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Solve small ripples on surface grinders

Surface grinder is a kind of grinder. The grinding wheel is mainly used to rotate and grind the workpiece to achieve the required flatness. According to the shape of the working table, it can be divided into two types: rectangular working table and round working table. The main parameters of the rectangular working table surface grinder are the working table width and length. The main parameter of the working table is the diameter of the working table. According to the different types of shafts, it can be divided into horizontal shaft and vertical shaft grinders.

In recent years, some manufacturers have higher and higher precision requirements for grinding workpieces. The surface of the workpieces ground by surface grinders on the market is very smooth and very good. However, customers are accustomed to grinding workpieces to push oilstone. When the workpiece is pushed down on oilstone or sandpaper, dark ripples appear, one by one. Many manufacturers think that the spindle is not possible at first, but it is still the same when replacing the spindle. In fact, the trajectory is not shoveled properly. It has a lot to do with the track pad. For the finishing pad, close the pad shovel saddle and work table, and then shovel the saddle and the wear-resistant sheet of the work table to solve the so-called dark lines and anti-skin lines.

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