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Features of permanent magnetic chuck for surface grinder

1) The permanent magnet chuck adopts high-performance permanent magnet material neodymium iron boron (Nd-Fe-B) as the core of the product, which makes the product smaller, stronger lifting force, and permanent magnetism.

2) The permanent magnet chuck has a safety factor of 3.5 times the maximum extra lifting capacity.

3) The “V” groove scheme on the bottom surface of the permanent magnet chuck can lift the corresponding round steel and steel plate.

4) The permanent magnet chuck can be used without electricity, saving power supply.

5) The optimized magnetic circuit scheme of the permanent magnet chuck makes the remanence almost zero.

6) The appearance of the permanent magnet chuck professional program makes the product more beautiful.

How to use permanent magnet chuck:

1. Place the workpiece on the table of the suction cup, then insert the wrench into the shaft hole and roll it clockwise 180 to “ON”, then the workpiece can be sucked for processing.

2. After the workpiece is processed, insert the wrench into the shaft hole and roll 180 counterclockwise to “OFF” to remove the workpiece.

Permanent magnet chuck maintenance and maintenance:

1. The surface of the suction cup should be wiped clean before use to prevent scratches from affecting accuracy.

2. Use the ambient temperature at -40C-50C to prevent knocking to prevent the magnetic force from being reduced.

3 Apply anti-rust oil to the working surface after use to prevent corrosion.

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