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The method to solve the easy warpage during surface grinder grinding

Surface grinders are widely used by machining workers, but warping will appear during the grinding process. In order to better deal with this problem, the surface grinder manufacturer teaches you to choose the following methods to deal with:

First: when grinding the above-mentioned thin workpieces on a surface grinder, the elastic clamping organization is selected to make the thin workpieces complete positioning and clamping in a free state. A layer of 0.5mm thick rubber is placed between the workpiece and the magnetic working table. When the workpiece is subjected to magnetic attraction, the rubber is compressed and the elastic deformation becomes smaller, and then the flat surface of the workpiece can be ground. Repeated grinding several times to meet the machining accuracy requirements.

Second: Use epoxy resin bonding agent to glue the sheet workpiece to a flat plate in a free state. The plate is placed on the magnetic chuck together with the sheet. After smoothing the flat surface of one end of the sheet, the sheet workpiece is removed from the flat plate, and the flat side is placed on the magnetic chuck, and then the other end of the sheet workpiece is ground. Because epoxy resin has fluidity before hardening, it can fill the gap between the thin workpiece and the flat plate. When the epoxy resin is hardened, the workpiece and the plate are bonded together to form a whole, and then the rigidity of the workpiece is greatly enhanced. Under the magnetic attraction, the thin workpiece will not be clamped and deformed, which creates clear conditions for grinding a flat surface. Thick grease can also be used to replace the epoxy resin to fill the space between the thin workpiece and the magnetic chuck to enhance the rigidity of the workpiece, and it can also receive an excellent effect.

Third: Use the flat-nose pliers in the attachment of the surface grinder to suck the thin-shaped workpiece with the magnetic workbench. Because the flat-nose pliers have a certain height, the jaws are less magnetic. Use the method of gradually reducing the feed rate to grind one flat surface of the thin workpiece and then remove it. At this time, put the ground surface on the magnetic worktable, and then grind the other surface of the thin workpiece, and repeat the grinding several times. , The flatness of the two planes reaches the demand.

Fourth: Use atmospheric pressure to clamp the sheet workpiece for grinding.

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