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Horizontal Shaper Machine Troubleshooting

Horizontal shaper machine, advanced technology, fine workmanship, in order to facilitate the use and maintenance of the majority of users。Now we will provide you with the reasons for the failure and maintenance of the planer. In order for the majority of users to better use the horizontal shaper machine.

Damaged planer oil pump

1. When adjusting the oil separator, if all the oil circuits are closed, the oil pump will be overloaded.

2. The oil pump housing is worn too much, the oil pump is axially offset, and the pin touches the housing

3. The position of the pin hole on the drive shaft of the oil pump is drilled off

4. The distance between the retaining ring on one side of the oil pump and the oil pump is too large

The planer lifts the knife unreliably

1. The two sides of the clamping plate are too tight

2. The wire rope used to lift the knife is too long

3. The return spring in the clamping plate fails

4. The wire rope leaves the guide wheel

5. The friction plate is damaged

Uneven feed of the planer

1. The clearance of the bevel teeth at both ends of the universal coupling is too large

2. The fork openings at both ends of the universal coupling are not in the same plane

3. The clearance between the pin shaft and the hole of the universal joint cross head is too large

4. Poor contact of ratchet pawl

5. The positioning of the feed box is too low

The oil separator of the planer fails to adjust and the oil pipe falls off

1. The oil separator adjustment bolt is too loose

2. Oil separator adjusts the deflection of conical bolts

3. The tubing is not bundled firmly

Planer oil leak

1. The bolts on the joint surface of the box are not tightened

2. The box joint surface pad is dirty

3. Uneven gluing on the joint surface of the box

Planer brake is not sensitive

1. The tie rod adjusting nut of the brake is loose

2. The position of the brake lever is not adjusted properly

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