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Use of tungsten carbide cemented carbide grinding fluid

Tungsten carbide cemented carbide has high hardness and excellent wear resistance, and is widely used in drills, tools, molds, needles, knives and other industries that require wear resistance and special processing. For grinding tungsten carbide cemented carbide, you can choose: 39C grinding wheel for ordinary grinding wheel; consider the choice of CBN grinding wheel with high cost performance.

Ultra-fine cemented carbide has high bonding strength and small microstructure due to the strong bonding between tungsten carbide particles and the metal bonding phase, so that it combines the characteristics of ceramic and metal at the same time, and has high toughness, high strength, and high hardness. In terms of specific data, the hardness is 2% to 3% higher, and the tensile strength at room temperature is 30% to 40% higher. Even at a slightly higher temperature, the hardness of ultra-fine-grained cemented carbide is not obvious. decline. Because it can be made into sharp cutting edges, at present, this type of material not only has obvious advantages in the application of difficult-to-process materials, but also occupies an extremely important position in the high-tech field. It is widely used in various micro tools and wear-resistant parts, such as Circuit board processing micro-drills, etc.

Cemented carbide grinding fluid HL-250 is a fully synthetic cutting fluid specially designed for cemented carbide processing. Special additives are used to effectively inhibit cobalt precipitation and prevent the color change of the machining fluid. Has excellent rust resistance, cooling and lubricity. Because it has the characteristics of inhibiting the precipitation of cobalt, it is especially recommended for the processing of hard alloys such as tungsten steel and magnet materials. It is suitable for cutting, cutting, milling, drilling and other processing of cemented carbide materials, which effectively protects the tools and prolongs the service life of the tools. Good biological stability and long service life.

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