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Metal plan slotting Shaper Machine shaping machine

Slotting Shaper Machine Main Feature
Shaper is mainly used for planning the plane on the small and medium-size workpieces in small batch production of a single piece, forming the surface and grooves . Its five characteristics:

1. Planner bench can turing angle of the table with horizontal and lift moving mechanism; for planning the inclined plane, thereby expanding the scope of use.

2. Planner feed system uses a cam mechanism to adjust the feed rate. It is very convenient to change the feeding rate.

3. Planer equipped with cutting system overload safety angencies. Once occur careless operation, external influences or cutting overload, it will shift to self-skid, and non-sestructive the machine.

4. Gap between the ran and the bed rail, the speed gear and the main sliding guide surface, will be lubricated by the pump shot oil.

5. Planner is equipped with a clutch and parking brake device. So do not need to cut off the power when changing the speed, stard the machine or braking the machine.

Specifications for B6050 Shape machine
 Max .shapping length(mm)
 Max. range of the horizontal movement of the table(mm)
 Max. distance between the ram bottom and table(mm)
 Max. length of the vertical movement of table(mm)
 Dimensions of table top(L×W)(mm)
 Max. stroke length of the tool head(mm)
 Max. swivel angle of the tool head(°)
 Max. section of tool(W×T)(mm)
 Number of ram reciprocation per minute(NO/min)
  Range of table feed
 0.2-0.25 0.08-1
 0.2-0.25 0.08-1
 Speed of rapid travel of table
 0.95 0.38
 0.95 0.38
 width of the T-slot for center positioning(mm)
 Power of the main motor(k w)
 Overall dimensions(L×W×H)(mm)

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