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XA6236 Universal Milling Machine

Product Description:
The universal milling machine has stable quality, convenient operation and reliable performance. The horizontal milling machine can process various planes, bevels, grooves, etc. with various cylindrical milling cutters, disc milling cutters, angle milling cutters, forming milling cutters and end milling cutters. If you use appropriate milling machine accessories, you can process parts with gears, cams, arc grooves, and spiral surfaces. It can be equipped with milling machine accessories such as universal milling heads, round tables, indexing heads, etc., and boring bars can also be used for centering and small parts. Perform hole machining. Adding an end milling head can be used for cutting with an end milling cutter (end milling head is an accessory) to further expand the scope of machine tool use. This machine tool is suitable for various machining industries.

Main structural features:
1. The bed is used to fix and support the various parts of the milling machine. There are horizontal guide rails for the movement of the beam on the top surface. There is a dovetail-shaped vertical guide rail on the front wall for the lifting platform to move up and down. The main motor, main shaft speed change mechanism, main shaft, electrical equipment and lubricating oil pump are installed inside.

2. A hanger is installed at one end of the beam to support the cutter bar to reduce the bending and vibration of the cutter bar. The beam can move along the horizontal guide rail of the bed, and its extension length is adjusted by the length of the cutter bar.

3. The spindle is used to install the tool bar and drive the milling cutter to rotate. The main shaft is a hollow shaft with a 7:24 precision taper hole at the front end, which is used to install the taper shank of the milling cutter shank.

4. Longitudinal worktable The longitudinal worktable is driven by the longitudinal lead screw to move longitudinally on the guide rail of the turntable to drive the workpiece on the table for longitudinal feed. The T-shaped groove on the table is used to install fixtures or workpieces.

5. Horizontal working table The horizontal working table is located on the horizontal guide rail above the lifting table, which can drive the longitudinal working table together for horizontal feed.

6. Turntable The turntable can turn the longitudinal worktable at a certain angle in the horizontal plane (both positive and negative are 0~45°) for milling spiral grooves, etc. A horizontal milling machine with a turntable is called a horizontal universal milling machine.

7. The lifting table can drive the entire worktable to move up and down along the vertical guide rail of the bed to adjust the distance between the workpiece and the milling cutter and the vertical feed.

8. The base is used to support the bed and the lifting platform, and contains cutting fluid.
①There are two transmission mechanisms, vertical spindle and horizontal spindle. The vertical spindle can be used for both vertical and horizontal milling, milling planes, inclined planes, etc., equipped with corresponding machine tool mechanisms, and can also process spiral grooves, grooves, etc. The two-section rotary milling head enables the spindle to rotate and adjust at any angle, and one clamping can complete the processing of complex parts such as multi-angle and multi-face.

Technical Parameters:

Parameter item UNIT XA6236
Taper of spindle taper   7:24  ISO40(V) /ISO50(H)
Distance from the center of the vertical spindle hole to the surface of the column mm 350-850
Distance from the end face of the vertical spindle to the working table mm 210-710
Distance from horizontal spindle center to table surface mm 0-500
Distance from the center of the horizontal spindle to the plane under the ram mm 175
Spindle speed range


r/min (11steps)35-1600(V)
working desk size mm 1250×360
Workbench stroke (longitudinal/horizontal/vertical) mm 1000/320/500
Longitudinal/horizontal motorized feed speed of worktable mm/min 15-370(8Steps)(Fast feed 540)
Vertical motor lifting speed of worktable mm/min 590
T-slot number/width/spacing of worktable mm 3/18/80
Main drive motor power kw 2.2(V)4(H)
Motor power of working table motorized feed W 750
Lifting table lifting feed motor power W 1100
Cooling pump motor power W 90
Cooling pump flow L/min 25
Machine Net Weight/Gross Weight kg 2400
Dimensions mm 2220×1790×2040


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