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What are the precautions for the safe operation of metal band saws

We usually need some safety precautions when operating band saws. Now let me explain to you:
1. The main belt wheel guard, belt pulley guard, band saw blade guard, work bed, etc. of the sawing machine are all safety guards, and should be used correctly during operation. Before operating the band saw, the belt pulley guard must be installed, and the two saw belt pulley guards must be put down and covered.

2. When cutting the material for a long time, an extended feeding roller must be used; when sawing a long material, an extended receiving roller must be selected.

3. The band saw blade guide wheel seat and the band saw blade guard should be as close to the workpiece as possible, and the adjustment must be carried out when the main motor is not started. After adjustment, tighten the locking handle or screw.

4. The band saw must be well grounded.

5. The operating workers should be trained to enable them to safely complete various operations of the band sawing machine.

6. The band saw must be clamped when clamping the workpiece.

7. When the band saw is working, it is strictly prohibited to wear gloves; but when loading and unloading the band saw blade, you must wear gloves.When sawing, it is strictly forbidden to extend your hands or other body parts into the sawing point or vise area.

8. During the operation of the band sawing machine, once an abnormal situation occurs, an emergency stop is generally achieved by pressing the main stop button on the control panel. In extremely special circumstances, it can also be stopped by turning off the main switch on the distribution box.

In one of the following situations, the main power supply must be turned off:
1. When adjusting the speed of the band saw blade;
2. When replacing the band saw blade;
3. During maintenance;
4. Before opening the distribution box;
5. After the task is completed and parking.

Inspection before commissioning
1. Whether the band sawing machine is installed correctly and firmly;
2. Whether each safety protection device is used as required;
3. Whether the band saw blade tensioning device is loosened;

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