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What should be paid attention to in the grinding process of cylindrical grinder?

Cylindrical grinding machine is a kind of grinding machine that processes the outer surface of cylindrical, conical or other shape elements of the workpiece and the end face of the shaft shoulder; The most widely used, can process a variety of cylindrical conical external surface and shoulder end grinder.

Among all grinders, cylindrical grinder is the most widely used machine tool. It is generally composed of cast iron bed, worktable, headstock and tailstock that support and drive the workpiece rotation, grinding wheel rack (grinding head) that installs grinding wheels, transverse feed mechanism that controls the size of grinding workpiece, electrical and hydraulic devices that control the action of moving parts of the machine tool and other major components. Cylindrical grinder can generally be divided into ordinary cylindrical grinder, universal cylindrical grinder, wide grinding wheel cylindrical grinder, end cylindrical grinder, multi grinding wheel rack cylindrical grinder, multi piece grinding wheel cylindrical grinder, cut in cylindrical grinder and special cylindrical grinder.

Precautions during grinding:
1. First, check whether the electrical system (motor, distribution box, safety lamp, wire, grounding wire) is in good condition without short circuit during operation. Pay close attention to the contact between the grinding wheel and the workpiece surface.

2. Before grinding, the spacing between the grinding wheel and the workpiece shall be adjusted to avoid the collision between the grinding wheel and the workpiece when the grinding wheel seat is rapidly approaching.

3. When grinding in a high temperature environment, it is better not to close the machine lamp to the workpiece to avoid the workpiece from being affected by thermal expansion and affecting its grinding quality.

4. When the cylindrical grinder is grinding, if the machine bed is affected by external vibration sources to produce vibration, that is, the workpiece surface will produce ripples, then the accuracy of the guide rail of the machine bed should be readjusted.

5. In order to enhance the lubricating effect of the coolant during the fine grinding of the cylindrical grinder, the emulsion can be used to properly increase its concentration. The coolant must be clean and filtered strictly to avoid wear debris and abrasive galling and scratching the workpiece surface.

6. If the workpiece surface is roughened, it means that there is floating sand on the grinding wheel surface or the coolant is not clean. The floating sand on the grinding wheel surface should be washed off again or the coolant should be filtered again.

7. If there are local fine microwave lines on the workpiece surface after machining, which may be caused by motor vibration, loose spindle or other reasons, corresponding measures can be taken to solve the problem according to the specific situation.

8. If the workpiece is burned locally, it may be caused by insufficient coolant or grinding wheel passivation.

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