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What Are the Types of ANTISHI CNC Drilling Machines

The CNC drilling machine has good precision, can be operated by one person, saves time and effort, and has low safety and security risks. It is the choice for machining hole parts. So what types of CNC drilling machines are there? This is what you need to figure out before purchasing a CNC drilling machine, and I will introduce it to you below.

CNC drilling machines can be divided into the following types:

1. Desktop CNC drilling machine: It can be placed on the workbench, generally a small drilling machine with the main shaft perpendicular to the workbench equipment.

2. Vertical CNC drilling machine: It is mainly a drilling machine in which the spindle box and worktable are placed on the column and the spindle is arranged vertically.

3. Rocker arm CNC drilling machine: The rocker arm can rotate around the column, lift, and the main shaft is arranged vertically, which can be used for milling.

4. Gantry CNC drilling machine: the main shaft is arranged on the gantry and can move left and right. The rocker arm can be fixed on the gantry or locked at any angle. The column can move up and down with high stability.

5. Rotary gantry CNC drilling machine: The structure is the same as that of the gantry CNC drilling machine. The worktable is equipped with a rotatable worktable, which can be placed vertically or horizontally, and can realize multi-faceted processing in one clamping.

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