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VMC1580 Series Machining Center


Rectangular hardened sliding guideways of 3-axes. Features: high rigidity, high accuracy, high speed, high efficiency, high reliability and large torque. They have a wide working range.

These machines are used in automotive, motorcycle, manufacturing, sewing machine, motor and instrument industries for milling, drilling, counterboring, boring, tapping and countersinking valve-type, cam, dies/molds and plate/disk type workpieces. They are especially suitable for all sorts of complex 2D/3D convex/concave molds and complex ID/OD surfaces. They can be used for medium/small batch multi-work production or be linked into an auto line for large batch production.

Using these machines can save manufacturing equipment, shorten production cycle, guarantee machining accuracy and increase productivity.

Spec.   Unit
Work table Dim. of table(W×L) mm 800×1700
T-slot (num.-size × space) mm 5-22×135
Permissible load kg 1500
Spindle  Spindle taper hole / ISO 50
Power of main motor (cont./15min overload) kW 15/18.5
Top speed of spindle r/min 7000
Travel X-axis right and left travel mm 1500
Y-axis back and forth travel mm 800
Z-axis up and down travel mm 700
Distance of spindle nose to table face mm 170-870
Distance of spindle center to column way mm 800
Feed X/Y-axis rapid traverse m/min 16
Z-axis rapid traverse m/min 12
Max. cutting federate mm/min 10000
Magazine  Capacity of magazine pcs 16/20/24
Max. tool weight kg 15
Accuracy Repeatability (JIS) mm ±0.010
Positioning accuracy (JIS) mm ±0.005
Others Air source L/min 350
Air pressure MPa 0.6
Gross weight of machine kg 13000
Net weight of machine kg 12500
Dimensions of machine (L×W×H) mm 4300x3750x3100

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