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Methods and disadvantages of forging raw materials when sawing and cutting

Cutting steel on the sawing machine can cut blanks with larger cross-sections. Although sawing has low productivity and large saw blade loss, the lengthwise dimension is accurate, and the cut end surface is flat and perpendicular to the axis line. Therefore, forgings with higher quality requirements are cut by sawing. All kinds of steel, non-ferrous alloy and high temperature alloy ingots and profiles can be sawed at room temperature.

(1) The sawing machines commonly used for sawing and cutting are bow sawing machines, band sawing machines, circular sawing machines and grinding wheel sawing machines.

1) The bow sawing machine is driven by the motor to drive the saw bow and saw blade to reciprocate to cut the steel. The bow sawing machine usually cuts the steel below φ260mm, which is especially suitable for processing the remaining material of the shearing machine. If a suitable jig is used, the sawing machine can cut all kinds of special-shaped cross-section materials. The disadvantages of bow sawing machines are low productivity and large loss of saw blades.

2) The circular sawing machine uses the rotation of the circular saw blade and the movement of the saw blade with the sliding seat to cut the steel. The diameter of the circular saw blade is generally φ710-φ1000mm, up to 2m, and it can cut steel with a diameter below φ760mm. The disadvantages of this kind of sawing machine are its low productivity (but higher than the bow sawing machine), wider saw cut, large metal loss, fast saw blade wear, and high cost.

3) The productivity of the band sawing machine is 1.5-2 times that of the ordinary circular sawing machine, and the cutting loss is less, which is very suitable for small and medium-sized factories. Band sawing machine is mainly used for sawing bar materials with a diameter within φ350mm. Band saws are not only suitable for cutting ordinary structural steel, but also for cutting difficult-to-cut materials such as stainless steel, titanium alloy, and nickel-chromium alloy.

4) The grinding wheel cutting machine is suitable for cutting small metal materials, such as high-temperature alloys, that have high hardness and it is difficult to cut with other methods. The advantage is that the equipment is simple, high-quality incisions can be obtained, the productivity is relatively high, and the operation is convenient. Its disadvantages are that it cannot cut steel with a large section, the grinding wheel consumes a large amount, the relative price is high, it is easy to break, the noise is large, and the dust is large. Therefore, the grinding wheel cutting machine is not suitable for cutting ordinary steel.

(2) The main defects of the sawing machine blanking When sawing the blanking, the most important thing is to avoid cross-sectional skewed and wrong cutting.

1) The material is inclined due to the accuracy of the sawing machine, the placement of the saw blade and the material, etc.

2) When sawing steel with a large diameter, it is easy to produce a wrong cutting surface when turning the material sawing.

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