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ANTISHI Machine EQUIPMENT Company successfully exported one set Z5140B Vertical Drilling Machine deliver to Ukraine client

Reported by: Mike     Date: Oct 19th, 2023

Recently, our company successfully exported one set Z5140B vertical Drilling Machine to Ukraine client.

Our customers is an expert in the field of industrial construction and can provide a wide range of services for various types of industrial facilities. And can provide design and construction of heavy industrial structures such as factories, factories, warehouses, as well as small and medium-sized industrial enterprises. Their engineers and architects will develop optimal solutions that meet all the client’s requirements and safety standards.

ANTISHI Z5140B vertical Drilling Machine is a mature product mainly exported by ANTISHI company. Z5140 series square column vertical drilling machine is a universal universal machine tool. The maximum drilling diameter of the machine tool is ¢40m (on 50-60kgf/mm steel, the drilling capacity on cast iron with Brinell hardness HB=200 is ¢40mm).
This machine tool has high efficiency, good rigidity, high precision, low noise and wide speed range.
And also concentrated operation, novel shape, easy to use and maintain, suitable for single-piece and small-batch production workshops such as repair tools, if equipped with drilling fixtures, it is also suitable for mass production workshops.

At present, the vertical Drilling Machine is on the way of heading to Ukraine . I hope that the Drilling machine of the ANTISHI brand can be put into the customer’s production site as soon as possible,improve efficiency and accuracy for customers.


Producer Shanghai ANTS Machine Equipment Co.,LTD Brand ANTISHICNC Origin country Shanghai, China
Product Name  Vertical Drilling Machine Model No. Z5140B Export Country Ukraine
Customer Introduction Client looking for an vertical Drilling Machine for contracting project, In order to meet their customer various metal processing needs.
In addition, their services include installation, setup and start-up of equipment.Their also provide contract services such as construction work, electrical work, water supply and sewerage, heating and ventilation, security and access control systems, video surveillance systems and others. Their strive to achieve maximum quality of work performed and meet the requirements of our customers. To achieve this goal, Their use advanced technologies and state-of-the-art materials.
Equipment Application ANTISHI recommend customer to choose our Z5140B vertical Drilling Machine ,Maximum diameter of drilling 40mm,Main motor power 3kw,Table size 480×560mm. Thats not only for drilling ,Also can be used for reaming countersinking,eaming, tapping, etc.
Equipment Picture

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Z5140 5150 vertical drilling machine

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