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What is the function of whirlwind milling

Cyclone milling machines are divided into four general categories (40, 50, 63, 80) and various non-standard machine tools. The matching series of whirlwind milling heads all use (imported bearings for whirlwind milling equipment) with better cutting accuracy and stronger rigidity than the original. The whirlwind milling machine produced by ANTS Machine is a special machine tool accessory represented by “adjustable multi-axis head and whirlwind milling head”. Without changing the main structure of the machine tool, it greatly improves the mechanical production efficiency of processing enterprises. Medium-sized mass-produced products.

Cyclone milling can realize dry cutting, heavy-duty cutting, difficult-to-machine materials and ultra-high-speed cutting, and consumes little power. The surface roughness can reach Ra0.8μm. The spindle speed of the lathe is slow, so the machine has high motion accuracy and good dynamic stability. It is an advanced thread processing method. The advantages of the internal cutting whirlwind milling: the internal cutting whirlwind milling cutter head wraps the parts for cutting. Due to the long envelope stroke during the cutting process of the whirlwind milling tool, the cutting volume is large, and the cutting force is relatively more efficient than the external cutting whirlwind milling. high. Therefore, in-cut whirling milling is suitable for thread precision machining.

The motion form of whirlwind milling
After cyclone milling and lathe are matched, five machining motions need to be completed during the machining process: [1] 1. The cutter head drives the cemented carbide forming tool to rotate at high speed (main movement) 2. The lathe spindle drives the workpiece to rotate slowly (auxiliary movement) 3. , Cyclone milling moves along the axis of the workpiece according to the pitch or lead of the workpiece (feed motion) 4. Cyclone milling is driven by the carriage in the lathe for radial movement (cutting movement) 5. Cyclone milling has a spiral within a certain angle range The degree of freedom to adjust the lift angle. (Rotating movement)

Cutting form of whirlwind milling
The cutting forms of whirlwind milling are divided into: 1, internal cutting 2, external cutting

The advantages of whirling thread cutting:
1. High processing efficiency, more than 10 times higher than traditional processing efficiency
2. Product-knife forming, no need to retract the knife for eccentric cutting
3. The structure of the lathe is not changed, the spiral angle is adjustable, and the installation is convenient
4. The surface roughness can reach Ra0.8 microns, and the processing accuracy is improved by 2 levels
5. The lathe’s axial feed is slow, easy to operate, and can reduce the professional skills of workers.

The whirlwind milling machine of ANTS Machine company has served the military industry, petroleum, textile machinery and other major industries. Committed to the cyclone cutting test of various internal and external threads, with more than 20 years of experience in machining parts and components, especially in stainless steel cutting spirals, it has accumulated rich cutting experience and has complete quality testing equipment. Our company supplies all year round: swing cylinder whirlwind milling, high-efficiency thread processing equipment, spiral spline rotary milling equipment, CNC whirlwind milling, whirlwind milling thread, CNC lathe, CNC machine tool, CNC milling machine, worm whirlwind milling, screw, screw, internal thread , A whirlwind milling machine manufacturer with excellent quality and good reputation, and its products are widely sold in many countries and regions at home and abroad.

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