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CNC Automatic Horizontal Band Saw 530B (CH-530HB)

Product Description:

Sawing speed increased by 50%;
Saw blade life increased by 50%
Machining accuracy increased by 50%;
Equipment life increased by 50%

●Four major technological breakthroughs, all-round upgrades
●Intelligent welding: robot welding, beyond the humanbeings limit to ensure stability, uniformity and consistency
●Special processing: micron-level precision CNC multi-faceted processing at one time, shot blasting, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant coating to ensure high precision, durability and reliability of parts
●Precision assembly: 35 years of technology accumulation, process assembly, stable and efficient equipment operation guarantee
●Industrial design: International industrial design company creatively design
●Six system-level evolution, new standard for all-aspect sawing

This machine is an equipment for sawing metal materials with bimetallic saw blades. It has the advantages of compact structure, fast cutting speed, high precision, narrow saw gap, low noise, convenient operation, etc. It is a new energy-saving product that replaces circular saws and bow saws.

It is widely used for sawing various metal materials in various industries such as electromechanical, metallurgy, automobiles, bridges, and ships.

Round 530mm
Quadrate 530×530mm
Saw blade Speed 10~95   m/min INVERTER CONTROL
Size 41×1.3×6240 mm
Guides Carbide and bearing blade guides
Cleaning Wire brush & flood coolant
Tension Hydraulic
Motor output Blade 7.5kw
Hydraulic 1.5kw
Coolant 0.135kw
Multiple feed 500mm × 10 times
Work Vice Hydraulic
Machine Size(L×W×H) 3300×2000×2000

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