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Spark machine needs to be involved in fire protection and other knowledge

All models of Antsmachine spark machines are installed and equipped with light-sensing and temperature-sensing alarm reminder devices. If the temperature exceeds the limit or the red light and warm light exceeds the limit, these alarm functions will be triggered, and the automatic fire extinguisher will also automatically extinguish the fire.

1. There is a liquid temperature controller in the working liquid tank. If the temperature exceeds 55 °C, it will stop immediately.

2. Within 5m of the machine tool, it is forbidden to use open flames and exposed light bulbs, and smoking is prohibited in the machine tool workshop.

3. When the machine tool is in unmanned operation, smoke detectors and automatic sprinkler systems must be installed. At the same time, you must first confirm that the liquid level controller and liquid temperature controller are effective, and confirm that the automatic fire extinguishing device is effective. During electric discharge machining, flushing is prohibited, and immersion machining should be used (the vertical distance from the workpiece machining surface to the liquid level must be at least 50mm); unattended machining under flushing conditions is absolutely not allowed, which will lead to the danger of fire. increase. Do not rely solely on automatic fire extinguishing systems, observe safe operating procedures and fire awareness.

4. When processing accessories such as oil cups, explosion-proof measures such as reserving exhaust holes should be taken so that the gas generated during processing does not stay in the hollow parts of the workpiece, electrodes and oil cups, so as to avoid explosion due to a large amount of gas in the processing gap. , resulting in the risk of ejection (that is, the vacuum degree of oil pumping should not be too high, and there should be no air bubbles when flushing oil).

5. My driver’s bed is equipped with an automatic fire extinguisher. Once the fire extinguisher is used or expires due to various reasons, please contact our company to replace it. It is strictly forbidden to replace it by yourself, otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences.

6. The automatic fire extinguishing system must be in good working condition at all times. Therefore, the state of the indicator light must be detected before running the equipment and during the running process. At the same time, the inspection and maintenance of the automatic fire extinguishing system must be carried out in strict accordance with the regulations. The shelf life of an automatic fire extinguisher under normal inspection conditions is one year. However, automatic fire extinguishers are only one of the measures to prevent fires. Please configure 2-4 manual fire extinguishers in time to ensure that in rare cases, the system is not available for backup.

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