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CNC horizontal full automatic metal band saw machine

Item Model:  GZ4232
Cutting Capacity/mm  Φ300 / W320*H320
Blade speed/M/min  30/50/80 (Invertor optional)
Blade size/mm  W34*T1.1*L4115
                                 Blade drive

Motor           Hyd.Pump

Coolant pump




  Clamping method  Hydraulic vice
 Main drive  Worm gear
Working Feeding  Automatic feeder
Single feed stroke  420mm
Floor space/mm L2260×W2160×H1480


Hydraulic vice height 170mm (can be customized)170mm
Working mode CNC automatic and semi automatic (2 in 1)

Automatic band saw machine Features:


1. Automatic CNC sawing machine, suitable for mass production continuous cutting


2. Cut-off length setted by screen, accuracy to 0.1mm, ensure the precision


3. Touch screen operation, man-machine interface in stead of buttons, easy to operate


4. High precision PLC control , 5 groups of sawing data available  and improve sawing efficiency


5. Adoption of grating ruller feed system, single max feed stroke 420mm (length customization available)


     Standard accessories  Teeth brush

Working light

Hydraulic vice
Cooling system
PLC motorized feeding
Cut-off quantity counter
Out of stock indicator
Blade breakage sensor
Blade protection device
Automatic feeding table
Extended feeding roller for long materials
Top-down clamping device for bundle cut
Linear guide in auxiliary column
Carbide blade guide system
One set of maintenance tools
One pcs of German band saw blade

    Optional accessories Band saw blades
Automatic chip conveyor
Color and voltage customization
High quality band saw blades
Hydraulic blade tension device
Invertor (for stepless blade speed)
Reinforced plywood case packing

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