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band sawing machine working principle

A brief description of the working principle of the band sawing machine

For the cutting industry, sawing machines, band sawing machines, and metal band sawing machines play an important role:

1.Hydraulic transmission system. It is a hydraulic circuit composed of pumps, valves, oil cylinders, oil tanks, pipelines and other components and accessories. It completes the lifting and lowering of sawing materials and the clamping of work pieces under electrical control. Through the speed control valve, the feed speed can be adjusted to meet the sawing requirements of different materials.

2.Sawing machine emergency stop button. The oil pump motor and gear pump work normally, and the button should be adjusted clockwise. At this time, the oil enters the pipeline through the filter screen, and the operation is carried out normally by adjusting the relief valve. Conversely, turn the button counterclockwise and all motors stop working. The clamping button of the work piece should also be operated according to the regulations of the equipment.

3.The motor installed on the turbine first drives the worm and the worm wheel in the worm gear box through the pulley and the apex, and then drives the driving wheel to rotate, and the saw blade starts to cut back and forth, and the feeding work is also realized at this time.

4.Under the action of the driving torque, the driving wheel continuously rolls up the track from the rear through the engagement between the gear teeth on the driving wheel and the pin of the track shoe, and the grounded part of the track exerts a backward force on the ground, and the ground also Correspondingly, a front force is given to the crawler, which is the driving force to push the band sawing machine forward.

5.The working resistance of the band sawing machine is mainly manifested in various frictional forces. Appropriately reducing the rolling resistance will drive its traction.

6.After the cutting is completed, the saw beam of the band saw machine will drop. At this time, the lowering work button should be pressed. The hydraulic oil enters the rod cavity of the lifting cylinder through the solenoid valve, and then controls the hydraulic oil in the rod less cavity to return to the fuel tank through the solenoid valve and the one-way speed regulating valve to complete the descent.

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