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Operating procedures for ordinary lathe

1. Inspection before start-up

1.1 add appropriate lubricating grease according to the lubrication chart of the machine tool.
1.2 check that the electrical facilities of each department, handles, transmission parts, protection and limit devices are complete, reliable and flexible.
1.3 all gears shall be at the zero position, and the belt tightness shall meet the requirements.
1.4 it is not allowed to store metal objects directly on the bed surface to avoid damaging the bed surface.
1.5 the processed workpiece shall be free of mud and sand to prevent mud and sand from falling into the carriage and grinding the guide rail.
1.6 before clamping the workpiece, the empty vehicle test run must be carried out. After confirming that everything is normal, the workpiece can be installed.

2. Operating procedures

2.1 after installing the workpiece, start the lubricating oil pump first to make the oil pressure reach the provisions of the machine tool.
2.2 when adjusting the exchange gear carrier and the change gear, the power supply must be cut off. After adjustment, all bolts must be fastened, the wrench should be removed in time, and the workpiece should be disconnected for trial operation.
2.3 after loading and unloading the workpiece, immediately remove the chuck wrench and the floating object of the workpiece.
2.4 the tailstock and rocker of the machine tool shall be adjusted to the appropriate position according to the processing needs, and fastened or clamped.
2.5 the workpiece, cutter and fixture must be firmly clamped. The floating force tool must extend the guide part into the workpiece before starting the machine tool.
2.6 when using the center frame or tool follower, the center must be adjusted well, and there must be good lubrication and support contact surface.
2.7 when processing long materials, the protruding part behind the main shaft should not be too long. If it is too long, install the material support frame and hang the danger mark.
2.8 when feeding, the knife shall approach the work slowly to avoid collision; The speed of the carriage back and forth should be uniform. When changing the tool, the tool must be kept at an appropriate distance from the workpiece.
2.9 the cutting turning tool must be fastened, and the extension length of the turning tool generally does not exceed 2.5 times of the tool thickness.
2.1.0 when machining eccentric parts, there must be appropriate counterweight to balance the center of gravity of the chuck and the speed should be appropriate.

2.1.1. Protective measures must be taken for the workpieces with the disc beyond the machine body.
2.1.2 the adjustment of tool setting must be slow. When the tool tip is 40-60mm away from the machining part of the workpiece, manual or working feeding shall be used instead. Rapid feeding is not allowed to eat the tool directly.
2.1.3 when polishing the workpiece with a file, return the tool holder to a safe position. The operator should face the chuck, with his right hand in front and his left hand in back. The workpiece with keyway on the surface and square hole shall not be processed with file.
2.1.4 when polishing the outer circle of the workpiece with abrasive cloth, the operator shall Polish by holding both ends of the abrasive cloth with both hands according to the posture specified in the above article. It is forbidden to grind the inner hole with fingers holding abrasive cloth.
2.1.5 during automatic tool feeding, adjust the small tool holder to be flush with the base to prevent the base from touching the chuck.
2.1.6 sufficient machining allowance shall be reserved when cutting large and heavy parts or materials.

3. Shutdown operation

3.1 cut off the power supply and remove the workpiece.
3.2 knock down the zero position of each handle, count the tools and instruments, and clean them.
3.3 check the protection device of each part.

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