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What are the components of CNC machine tools?

1.It is a tool for the operator to exchange information with the numerical control device.

2.Control medium and input/output equipment The control medium is the medium for recording parts processing procedures, and the input/output equipment is the interaction device between the CNC system and the external equipment. The interactive information is usually the part processing program. The part processing program that is about to be compiled and recorded on the control medium is input into the CNC system or the debugged part processing program is stored or recorded on the corresponding control medium through the output device.

3.CNC device (CNC unit) composition: computer system, position control board, PLC interface board, communication interface board, special function modules and corresponding control software. Function: According to the input part processing program, perform corresponding processing (such as motion track processing, machine tool input and output processing, etc.), and then output control commands to the corresponding execution components (servo unit, drive device, PLC, etc.). All these tasks are performed by The hardware and software in the CNC device are coordinated and organized reasonably to make the entire system work in an orderly manner. CNC device is the core of CNC system

4.Servo unit, drive device and measuring device, servo unit and drive device Spindle servo drive device and spindle motor Feed servo drive device and feed motor measuring device Position and speed measuring device. In order to realize the closed-loop control of the feed servo system. Function To ensure sensitive and accurate tracking of CNC device commands: Feed motion commands: realize the forming motion (speed and position control) of parts processing. Spindle motion command to realize the cutting motion of parts processing (speed control)

5. PLC, machine tool I/O circuits and devices PLC (Programmable Logic Controller): used to complete the I/O control of the sequence actions related to logic operations, it is composed of hardware and software; machine tool I/O circuits and devices: realize I /O control executive components (logic circuits composed of relays, solenoid valves, travel switches, contactors, etc.; function: accept CNC M, S, T commands, decode them and convert them into corresponding control signals, control The auxiliary device completes the corresponding switch action of the machine tool and receives the I/O signal from the operation panel and the machine tool side, and sends it to the CNC device. After processing, it outputs instructions to control the working status of the CNC system and the action of the machine tool. 2. The mechanical part of the CNC machine tool: The main body of the CNC machine tool is the executive part that realizes the manufacturing and processing. It consists of the main moving parts, the feed moving parts (table, carriage and corresponding transmission mechanism), supports (columns, bed bodies, etc.) and special devices ( Tool automatic exchange system (workpiece automatic exchange system) and auxiliary devices (such as chip removal device, etc.)

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