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Basic Composition of X6236 Universal Milling Machine

1. Panel

All the main electrical appliances and action indicators of the machine tool are installed on the panel. All operations of the machine tool are carried out on this panel, and the indicator lights can indicate the corresponding actions of the machine tool.

The panel is equipped with components such as circuit breakers, fuses, contactors, thermal relays, transformers, etc. These components are directly installed on the surface of the panel, and their actions can be seen intuitively.

Motors Three 380V three-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motors are used as spindle motor, feed motor and cooling pump motor respectively. 4. The fault switch box is equipped with 32 switches.

2. Analysis of X6236 Universal Milling Machine

(1) Main structure and motion form of X62W universal milling machine

(2) The main structure is composed of the bed, spindle, tool bar, beam, worktable, turntable, horizontal slide and lifting table, as shown in the right figure.(2) Motion form 1) Spindle rotation is driven by the spindle motor through the elastic coupling to drive the transmission mechanism. When a double sliding gear block in the mechanism is engaged, the spindle can rotate.

1. 2 X6236 Universal Milling Machine

1) The movement of the worktable is driven by the feeding motor, which enables the worktable to move in three forms and six directions through the mechanical mechanism, namely: The worktable can be directly moved longitudinally on the guide rail of the upper part of the slide Left and right) move; the work table can move horizontally (front and back) with the help of the horizontal slide; the work table can also move vertically (up and down) with the help of the lifting platform.

3. The main requirements for the electrical circuit of the X6236 Universal Milling Machine

(1) The machine tool requires three motors, namely the spindle motor, the feed motor and the cooling pump motor.

(2) Since there are two kinds of down milling and up milling during processing, it is required that the spindle motor can be forward and reversed and can be instantaneously impulsive when changing speed, so as to facilitate the meshing of gears, and it is also required to brake and stop and realize two-place control. .

(3) The three movement forms of the worktable and the movement in six directions are achieved by mechanical methods. The feed motor is required to be able to be forward and reversed, and the three movement forms of longitudinal, lateral and vertical are required to be mutually exclusive. interlock for safe operation. At the same time, when the table feed is required to change speed, the motor can also meet the requirements of instantaneous impulse, rapid feed and two-place control.

(4) The cooling pump motor only requires forward rotation.

(5) The feeding motor and the spindle motor need to realize the interlocking control of two electric motors, that is, the feeding can only be performed after the spindle is working.

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