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Several precautions for the stable operation of medium wire cutting

(Medium-speed Wire-cut Electrical Discharge Machining abbreviated as MS-WEDM), which belongs to the category of reciprocating high-speed wire EDM machine tools. wire cutting.

Working environment precautions for wire cutting:

1. First of all, you need to choose a place without dust to prevent leaving a lot of aisles around the line cutting;

(1) The characteristics of the wire cutting discharge machine in (1), there will be a certain amount of dust in the air, which will cause the machine’s screw to be seriously worn, and then affect the machine’s service life;

(2) The wire cutting discharge machine is controlled by the computer. The disk loaded in the computer is very sensitive to the dust in the air. When the dust enters the disk, the magnetic track will be damaged, and the hard disk facility will be damaged;

(3) The wire cutting discharge machine itself emits a lot of heat, so the electrical cabinet needs to be opened frequently to dissipate heat. If there is too much dust in the air, it will accumulate on various electrical components during the ventilation process, resulting in poor heat dissipation of the electrical components, resulting in circuit The board is burnt out. Therefore, the dust filter of the machine should be cleaned frequently.

2. Choose a site that can bear the weight of the machine tool;

3.Choose a place where there is no vibration and impact introduced. The wire cutting machine is a high-precision processing equipment. If the ground where it is placed has regular vibration and impact, it will cause serious damage to the machine and seriously affect its performance. machining accuracy, shorten its service life, and even cause the machine to be scrapped.

4. Meet the site space required by the wire cutting machine;

5. Choose an environment with small temperature changes:

(1) High-precision parts processing requires stable temperature, usually room temperature 20℃;

(2) Due to the considerable heat generated by the wire cutting machine tool itself, if the temperature changes too much, it will have a serious impact on the service life of the machine.

6. Choose a site with electromagnetic shielding: Because the wire cutting EDM process belongs to the arc discharge process, strong electromagnetic waves will be generated during the arc discharge process, which will not only cause damage to human health, but also affect the surrounding environment.

7. Choose a spacious workshop with good ventilation conditions so that operators and machine tools can work in a good environment.

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