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Max. Diameter to be ground (grinding wheel, OD 750mm)

800 mm

Min. Diameter to be ground (grinding wheel, OD 750mm)

120 mm

Max. Length to be ground

4000 mm

Max. Weight of workpiece to be ground

5000 kg

Workpiece speed

6 to 60 rpm

Dimension of grinding wheel

750×70×305 mm

Speed of grinding wheel

35 m/s

Cross stroke of grinding wheel

380 mm

Cross rapid traverse of grinding wheel

400 mm/min

Crown in radius direction

≤ 1.5 mm

Rapid speed of saddle in z-axis

20 – 2500 mm/min

Continual cross feed speed

0.002 – 1.2 mm/min

Periodical cross feed

0.003 – 0.12 mm/travel

Measuring range of measuring system

90 – 820 mm/min

Stroke of tailstock quill

300 mm

Steady rest

120 – 300 – 420 mm

Net dimension of the machine:

10,500×3,800×2,600 mm

Net weight

approx. 64,000 kg

Main electrical parts:

Schneider in France

Control system


(NCU573.4 CPU PⅢ 500MHZ)

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