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Vertical milling machine general milling machine rotary table milling machine structure

A milling machine usually consists of seven parts.
The bed is used to install and support all the parts of the machine tool. It is the main body of the milling machine, which contains a main drive assembly, gearbox, and electrical box. The bed is installed on the base. The base is the base of the milling machine, and there is coolant inside.

The lifting neck is installed on the rail of the rail milling machine above the bed.
Elevating table milling machine; the elevating neck can be moved back and forth along the guide rail as required.
It must be handled satisfactorily. The main shaft gear box in the lifting neck is connected with a pair of bevel gears through a series of gears. The end comes out of the spindle of the milling head.
The spindle is used to drive the milling cutter to rotate. There is a 7:24 taper hole on it, which can be used to install a cutter bar or directly install a milling cutter with a handle.

The lifting table moves along the vertical guide rail of the bed: that is, the vertical feed movement during the milling process.
The horizontal milling machine feeds horizontally to the platform along the horizontal guide rail of the lifting platform.
The longitudinal worktable drives the workpiece fixed on the worktable along the turntable guide rail to carry out longitudinal feed movement.
The turntable can move with the horizontal platform.

The milling head of the milling machine can play a better effect and improve the performance. Place the milling head on the milling card before installation and fix it until it does not fall off. Press the button next to the milling head column with one hand, and tighten the nut with the other hand. Don’t use too much force during the whole process, and be careful to touch your hands.
The milling head can process very thin or very soft materials, has a long stroke, and has a wide range of accessories. The base structure adopts a high-precision, high-rigidity drilling device, and the milling machine spindle motor adopts a high-performance, high-power motor. There are many types from low speed to high speed. The spindle head for drilling and tapping is a power component that can be used for drilling and tapping. It can also be equipped with a multi-axis device to improve efficiency. The correct installation of the milling head can meet the needs of users for small batch and mass production at the same time.

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