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Do you really know how to choose a band saw?

What You Need To Know About Metal Band Saw Sales

As a common metal cutting tool in industrial equipment, the band saw can effectively help the band saw blade to complete the cutting work, and a good band saw can greatly improve the production efficiency of the enterprise, so how to choose a metal band saw? Often customers will ask the band saw salesperson to recommend a suitable metal band saw.
In response to this customer demand, the salesperson needs to confirm the following questions to the customer:

If you choose a horizontal metal band sawing machine, you need to understand the following technical issues:
1. What material to cut? Is the material round bar, square steel, pipe (thickness of pipe wall) or profile?
2. What is the maximum size for sawing (diameter or length x height)?
3. Required sawing output (number of sawing times/day)?
4. What is the maximum breaking length for sawing? Length of raw material (before cutting)?
5. Fully automatic or semi-automatic?
6. Do you need a cutting angle, if you need a cutting angle, you need to confirm whether it is 45° or 60°, and what size of the sawing size is required at 0°, 45° or 60°?
7. Does the bundle need to be sawed, what is the shape of the bundle, and what is the cross-sectional size of the bundle?

If you choose a vertical metal band saw, you need to understand the following technical issues:
1. What material do you cut? What is the size of the raw material?
2. Cutting direction (horizontal or vertical)? What are the cutting heights, throat depths, and strokes?
3. Required sawing output (number of sawing times /day)?



Others: Do you need a material rack, what kind of structure and function do you want the material rack to be like? For example, the material rack only has the function of bearing material or does it have other functions?

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