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PTFE Lathe machine abrasion proof guide soft belt Introduction


PTFE-based nanopolymer composites abrasion proof guide soft belt has blue and green color.

It is a kind of nano-polymer composite material based on PTFE. It is a high-end guide soft belt product for all kinds of precision machine tools, CNC equipment and machining centers with high precision requirements. It is rich in solid lubricant particles and has excellent friction and wear characteristics.

Machine tool lathe guide is a nano-polymer composites based on PTFE material,applying in all types of predision machine tools requiring high accuracy, CNC equipment and high-end guide bands products of processing centers. The guide bands contain rich solid lubricant particles,which enables the bands have a excellent friction and wearing properties. By force of nano super fine recipe,uniform and dense material and strong wearing resistance,the soft bands are widely used in all types of common machine tools,textiles,printing,paper-manufacturing,food,chemical engineering,woodworker or manufacture and maintenance of other mechanical sliding guide.,especially precision machine tools etc.

Basic overview

Due to the use of nanometer ultra-fine formula, the material of the soft guide rail is uniform and dense, and has strong wear resistance. Maintenance, especially suitable for all kinds of precision machine tools, CNC machine tools and machining centers with high precision requirements. The largest manufacturer of flexible guide rails abroad is Guarniflon Company of Italy, and the representative domestic ones are the 6S flexible guide rails of Shanghai ANTS Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Material PTFE+bronze
Colour Blue Red Green
Density (g/cm3) 3.4 3.3 3.2
Coefficient of linear expansion (40-120°C) 7.7 7.62 7.5
Tensile strength (Mpa) 17 16 14
Elongation (%) 180 170 150
Compressive strength (Mpa) 33–42 30–40 28—38
Bending strength (Mpa) 25-30 25-30 23–29
Non-notched impact strength (KJ/m2) >16 >15 >14
Wear(PV=0.7N/mm2.m/s) 0.010-0.020 0.010-0.020 0.010-0.020
Friction loss performance

(dry friction) Friction coefficient (μ)

0.13–0.20 0.15-0.21 0.16-0.23

Property Characteristics
1. High Wearing Resistance: normally ten times of cast iron guide,good accuracy
2. Low Friction: friction coefficient<0.04,only 1/3 of cast iron guide,reducing the driving-energy consumption
3. No Creeping: moving steadily
4. Good Shock-absorbing Ability: improving processing accuracy
5. Good Lubrication

Width Thickness Color Length Other service
100-300mm 0.3-5mm Red, green, blue customized AB Glue


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