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How to assess the accuracy of metal band sawing machine and its operation application

The sawing machine is generally a machine tool that cuts some materials such as saw blades or processes them into the shape required by the customer. Its most fundamental nature is the nature of a machine tool, and the original sawing machine has low processing accuracy, and is generally used in the workshop to cut the profiles of pipes, bars, etc., in fact, it is equivalent to rough machining.

The accuracy assessment of the rotary coordinate of the metal band saw is generally divided into positioning accuracy, repeat positioning accuracy and reverse error. From the analysis of the principle of closed-loop transmission of CNC machine tools, the errors are mainly caused by the feedback accuracy of the closed-loop circular grating (or angle encoder), the indexing accuracy of the transmission system, the backlash of the transmission link, the matching error of the rotary shaft, the supporting bearing and The result of the combined effect of factors such as the radial run out of the rotating parts and the center of rotation (the distance from the center of rotation of the rotating coordinate to the end face of the spindle).

Operation tips:

1.Assemble a grating ruler on the original ordinary sawing machine for position measurement, and the original hydraulic system remains unchanged.

2.Control system software safety function design, including silo, storage management retrieval, saw parts classification management, saw blade bending monitoring, material compression, saw blade speed, sawing feed speed adaptive control, etc.

3. In order to meet the requirements of not changing the original hydraulic system at the same time, the system adds a position control module based on ordinary solenoid valves. According to the difference in sawing material and saw blade performance, it is best to automatically adjust the saw blade speed and sawing speed in real time.

4. For example, when the saw blade bending reaches a certain threshold value of the system, the system will reduce the speed to adapt or close the feed.

5. This requires major changes on the basis of the original ordinary band saw, such as changing the original hydraulic unit and adding a saw blade bending monitor.

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