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High Speed Smart Band Saw

Intelligent high-speed band sawing machine is composed of metal band sawing machine bed, inner and outer table, guide device, saw frame, motion mechanism, feeding system, material carrier, work piece clamping device, electrical system, band saw blade tensioning device, lubrication system and cooling system. The intelligent high-speed band sawing machine can be applied to cutting work pieces in all machining industries. This band sawing machine can not only improve the production efficiency of purchasing enterprises, but also improve the accuracy of sawing work pieces.

The high-speed intelligent band sawing machine is flexible and convenient to operate, and can realize continuous cutting of the band sawing machine, switching between automatic and manual modes, counting and clearing, and time adjustment. The intelligent system of the band sawing machine can set different parameters and monitor the running process. The feeding is fixed, and the band sawing machine can be completed automatically at one time without manual assistance.

The CH-450NC high-speed intelligent band sawing machine developed and produced by Shanghai ANTS is mainly used for batch sawing of small and medium-sized bars, tubes and profiles, and can be adapted to sawing of various ferrous materials. It has the characteristics of high cutting efficiency, energy saving, narrow kerf, energy saving and material saving, and simple operation.

CH-450NC adopts gantry structure, hydraulic automatic feeding, feeding length and times can be set and displayed through touch screen, which improves sawing efficiency and sawing accuracy, and is an ideal equipment for batch cutting.

Product parameters:

Maximum sawing size Round :Ø450 mm


Main motor power  11(4P)
Band saw blade specifications 41×1.3×6380 mm Hydraulic motor power 2.25kW
Band saw blade speed 30-160m/min Cooling pump power 0.37kW
Working clamping method hydraulic vice Main drive structure Gear reducer
Saw blade tensioning method hydraulic Feeding Method automatic feeding
Worktable height 720mm Feeding itinerary 500mm
Machine weight 4600kg Machine size 2750X3500X2540

Remarks: Automatic chip removal

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