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How to identify the safety performance of horizontal metal band sawing machine?

With the continuous increase in the adoption rate of domestic equipment, it has driven the technological progress of the horizontal metal band sawing machine industry, expanded the market share of domestic equipment, and also enhanced the competitiveness of the domestic machine tool industry. The rapid development of China’s economy over the years has produced a lot of demand, which has greatly promoted the machine tool industry. As consumers, how do you identify the safety performance of horizontal metal band sawing machines? Choosing a horizontal metal band sawing machine with good safety performance makes us feel more at ease in the process of using it.

How to identify the safety performance of horizontal metal band sawing machine:

1.We have to look at the material first, to see what material the horizontal metal band saw is made of, and whether there are gaps or the like.

2.The life of the same saw band mainly depends on the appropriate cutting depth. The cutting depth is determined by the size of the tooth saw, cutting speed (speed of the saw band), cutting force (lower cutting speed of the saw bow), and downward cutting pressure.

3.The size of the tooth saw-the saw blade is too large and the number of teeth is small, which will make the cutting unstable, and because the cutting load of each tooth increases, it is easy to cause the tooth to pull the tooth and collapse. If the tooth saw is too small, the sawdust blockage will easily occur, and wear and damage will appear soon after use. When cutting tough and soft workpieces, you should try to use thick serrated saw bands. If you want to get a good cutting surface, you should choose fine serrated saw bands.

4.Looking at the manufacturer and date again, whether it meets the standards, whether the relevant manufacturer has the qualification to produce horizontal metal band sawing machines and other products, if there is no production qualification, you still need to be cautious.

5. It is to see whether the product parameters of the product meet your requirements.

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