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ANTISHI-Z3050 Hydraulic Radial Drilling Machine

ANTISHI-Z3050 hydraulic radial drilling has high processing efficiency, fixed-range cutting, precise drilling, and the trinity, rocker arm and spindle can be locked and released with one key. The spindle speed is adjusted to hydraulic pre-selected variable speed, and the 16-stage gear transmission increases drilling torque and processing requirements at different speeds.

The Z3050 radial drilling machine belongs to the hydraulic radial drilling machine, which is a popular model among the radial drilling machine series. Mechanical shifting, it can perform hydraulic locking, that is, one-button locking and one-button loosening, which is hydraulic shifting. In fact, this is also much more convenient, because it is still very laborious to lock by pulling the wrench when locking. The length of the rocker arm is 1.6m, and the 50mm drilling hole can meet the needs of most processing. It is flexible, simple and practical to use.

Features of Z3050 radial drilling machine (hydraulic type):
1. The hydraulic pre-selection speed change mechanism can save a lot of auxiliary processing time.
2. Spindle forward and reverse rotation, parking, shifting, neutral and other operations are controlled by a single handle, which is flexible and simple.
3. The spindle box, rocker arm, inner and outer columns are hydraulically driven diamond block structure, and the clamping is reliable.
4. The rocker arm guide rail, the surface of the outer column, the main shaft, the main shaft sleeve and the rotary track of the inner and outer columns are quenched.
5. There are perfect safety protection devices and outer column protection.
6. Automatic tool retraction
7. Strengthen the spindle, hydraulic transmission, hydraulic clamping
8. Hydraulic variable speed, hydraulic pre-selection
9. Mechanical and electrical double insurance
10. Effective measures are taken in structural design to make the precision of the machine tool and the use of the whole machine more user-friendly.

The Z3050 radial drilling machine is not high in technology, and the main difference in price is the quality of the product, that is, the selection of raw materials. The main components such as the spindle box of the radial drilling machine produced by ANTISHI are made of high-strength materials, and are processed by artificial aging to ensure that Long-term stability of the machine tool. Forged gears have better tooth surface strength and toughness. High-frequency quenching can achieve small deformation, good mechanical properties, and long-term use accuracy is not easy to disappear. Among various wear-resistant materials, high-manganese steel is a wear-resistant steel with special properties. Guarantee the product quality of the radial drilling machine, and provide each customer with the most cost-effective radial drilling machine products.

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