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Where to find the high quality of VMC vertical machining center?

1. The main large parts of the machine tool: base, worktable, column, saddle and headstock are all cast with high-quality resin sand.

2. High-strength and high-quality cast iron, with perfect heat treatment process to eliminate residual stress, and place enough reinforcing rib plates to ensure that the whole machine has sufficient strength, rigidity and high stability;

3. Select Taiwan original heavy-duty linear guide rail, with strong rigidity and good dynamic accuracy;

4. The three-axis transmission adopts the grinding double-nut ball screw made in Taiwan, with compact structure, stable movement and high precision;

5. The high-rigidity Taiwan-made spindle is made of lubricating grease, which can make the spindle bearing get constant and reliable smoothness;

6. The base adopts the casting large water pan structure, which has good waterproof performance.

VMC850 vertical machining center standard equipment:
■FANUC 0i MF system
24 tool magazines for manipulators
■Taiwan spindle
■Taiwan track
Choose equipment:
■Beijing KND. Siemens, Taiwan Syntec, Guangshu GSK series , Mitsubishi, Siemens CNC system
■Electrical cabinet is equipped with air conditioner
■Double screw chip conveyor, chain chip conveyor
■The fourth axis, the fifth axis
■Spindle oil cooler
■Spindle center water outlet

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